Dead Games Archive

The web changes quickly, and often the records of old Nomics get lost in the shuffle. Quite a lot of creative effort went into these games; it would be a shame to lose them. Collected here are the documents from as many dead games as we have been able to find. Unfortunately, this is a only a fraction of the games Professor Suber has listed as having once had an Internet presence. If you have the records for a dead game not appearing below, we'd love to add it to the collection. Contact the webmaster for details. For each game archived below, either the owner of its pages has graciously granted us permission to mirror them here, or the owner was unreachable and the pages have been considered abandoned.

The following dead games are archived here:

NB: We have attempted to normalize all links in the archives relative to this site. However, it is possible—nay, likely—that 1) we missed some, and 2) off-site links no longer work. If the former is the case (or anything else is horribly broken, misplaced, etc.) please let us know.