What is FutureNomic?

FutureNomic is a variation of the game Nomic begun as an offshoot of the Future Culture Mailing List. The original Nomic was created in 1982 by Peter Suber. Basically, the point of the game is to make the rules of the game. Nomic begins with an initial set of rules, and players propose new rules, amendments to existing rules, or the repeal of existing rules. Playes vote on the proposal and score points for getting their proposals passed. Of course, this process for passing, voting, and scoring is itself an initial rule that is open to being superceded, amended, or repealed!

FutureNomic and these pages are currently maintained by Greg Ritter. Send inquiries about this page or the game to Greg at ghritter@gallux.gallaudet.edu.

Nomic Players should send votes to the Ballot Manager. Nomic Players should submit proposed rule-changes to the Traffic Manager.

The Initial Ruleset

(for the game beginning May 3, 1996)

The Current Ruleset

The Current Players & Scores

The Current Proposals Under Consideration


Ruleset, scores, and judgments current as of Jan. 24, 1997.