This is a web page dedicated to the Nomic game i am running / am in. These pages will have no official game purpose unless a rule to that effect comes into play. Play started on 11 Jan 1999 with a group of three players beginning with a modification of the basic initial rules by Suber. The initial rules were created by the efforts of the Executive Committee to modify the basic rules to create a set that was more fun to start with.

Current Info


Players and Their Points

Name Joined Score
Lisa Patacchiola 11 Jan 1999 84
Mark Simpson 11 Jan 1999 32.2
Shawn Zimmerman 11 Jan 1999 92

Other Point holding Entities


Semi-Automatic Weapons

(Note: Semi-automatic weapons were first mentioned in R315 which prompted Mr. Simpson to proclaim he had one, and then commence upon a Crime Spree of 5 Crimes all while using his semi-automatic weapon (the first Crime was never punished). Semi-automatic weapons are are now regulated through R316.)


(Note: Titles are regulated through R323.)
Keeper of the Mailing List Shawn Zimmerman
Big Meany Mark Simpson
Executive Committee Lisa Patacchiola
Mark Simpson
Shawn Zimmerman
Mistress Lisa Patacchiola


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