Autonomic is a project of Nomic flavor where individual Players create their own Personal Rule sets, which define inter-Player relationships and events as well as modify the Main Rule set. There is a mailing list which constitutes an integral part of Autonomics development. To join, send email to with the words "subscribe autonomic" in the body of the message.

The first public incarnation of Autonomic was at this broken link.

Autonomic Main Rules

1. Precedence A Main Rule takes precedence over another Main Rule with a higher number and over all Personal Rules.
2. Players A Player is an individual human typist meeting these conditions:
  • existing - having at least one publicly posted Personal Rule;
  • legal - abiding by all Main Rules and their own Personal Rules;
  • active - having participated in Autonomic within the last 30 days.
A new Player may join Autonomic at any time by sending at least
one Personal Rule to the mailing list for inclusion on this page.
3. Amendment If a majority of the players agree to add, modify or delete a Main Rule, then that Main Rule is so altered.
4. Elegance There may not exist more than 10 Main Rules.

Personal Rules

Email addresses are purposely obfuscated to evade spam trawlers.

Jay Campbell

Jay shift-2 got period net
1.  There exists a Thing called JayCorp.

2.  There exist 1,000,000 Things named JayBucks, initially owned by JayCorp.

3.  There exist 1,000,000 Things named JayShares, initially owned by Jay. 
    Actions taken by JayCorp shall be determined by majority shareholder 
    vote by owners of JayShares.

4.  There exists a Thing called BeachBall. The BeachBall has two properties,
    "Color" and "Holder". The BeachBall may be acted on in the following ways:

    o  The Holder of the BeachBall may change its Color by notifying
       Jay of such transformation.
    o  A Holder may toss it to another Player or at random.
    o  A Player may catch the BeachBall if the Holder has tossed
       it to em or has tossed it at random. The first qualified
       Player to respond to a toss then successfully catches the
       BeachBall and becomes the new Holder.
    o  Jay may arbitrarily decree "Ball Hog!", at which time Jay
       shall become the current Holder, and other Players that 
       recognize the existence of the BeachBall should publicly 
       ridicule the previous Holder.

4z. Jay hereby tosses the BeachBall at random. At which time another Player
    catches the BeachBall, this rule shall be purged.

5.  In the event the Holder tosses the BeachBall and another Player catches it, 
    or Jay decrees "Ball Hog!", this Rule shall be altered such that the new
    Holder's name is the last word of this Rule. 

    The current BeachBall Holder is Jay.

6. In the event the Holder notifies Jay of a BeachBall Color transformation,
   the last sentence of this rule shall be altered such that it indicates
   the new appearance of the BeachBall. 

   The current BeachBall Color is solid black.


I also currently act as maintainer of this page. Cheers. --Jay

Henry Townser - tows shift-2 earthlink period net

	There are three types of rules.  Main Rules are numbered with a
plain integer.  Shared rules are numbered with the letter S followed by an
integer.  Local rules are numbered by an H followed by an integer followed
by either a "V", an "S", or an "I".  A Main Rule takes precedence over a
Shared rule, which takes precedence over a Local rule.  A rule takes
precedence over a rule of the same type with a higher number.

	Local rules ending in V are Visible, and must be made public to all
players of autonomic.  Local rules ending in S are Secret, and their text
need only be made known to those people Henry wants to (although all
players must be told of their existance).  Rules ending in I are Inert, and
have no effect on the game.

	Henry may amend, repeal, or renumber a rule the same way he would
create one.

        A Shared rule is a rule acknowledged by multiple players of
Autonomic.  Certain actions are known as Sharing Actions.  A member of the
Sharing Board may only recognize a Sharing Action when it is performed by a
member of the Sharing Board.  By a 2/3 vote, the Sharing Board may admit a
member to the proto-Sharing Board.  The Sharing Board, by a 2/3 vote, may
remove a member from the Sharing Board or proto-Sharing Board.  The only
Sharing Action by a member of the proto-Sharing Board which may be
recognized by members of the Sharing Board is nominating this rule; a
member of the proto-Sharing Board who nominates this rule ceases to be a
member of the proto-Sharing Board and becomes a member of the Sharing
Board.  Members of the Sharing Board are hereafter called members.
        A member may nominate a personal rule of theirs to become a Shared
Rule; this is a Sharing Action.  A member may unnominate a personal rule of
theirs; this is a Sharing Action; if a member repeals a personal rule which
they had nominate then they automatically unnominate it.  If two players
have nominated identical personal rules and not since unnominate them then
they cease to be personal rules and become a Shared rule for those two
players.  If a member nominates a rule identical to a Shared rule then that
member begins Sharing it.  A Shared rule may only be amended, repealed, or
renumbered by a unanimous vote of the members Sharing it or a 2/3 vote of
the Sharing Board.
        Shared Rules take precedence over all rules except main rules.
Shared rules are numbered with an S followed by the lowest positive integer
not already assigned to a Shared Rule.

I nominate H4V to become a Shared Rule.