The Cult of Nomic

The Cult of Nomic is a vast spiritual plain which recognises the enlightenment and power of individuals and seeks to unify their forces for the greater glory and power of The Truth.

The cult worship is conducted via email. In order to celebrate the Great Plurality of Being, worshippers are required to participate in constant modification and refinement of the form of worship. The best form of worship is that of modifying the ways in which worship may be modified.

In order to assist in the achievement of enlightenment, the Glorious Leader has bestowed the following information on the congregation:

  1. The initial sanctioned forms of worship .
  2. The current sanctioned forms of worship .
  3. The current worshippers and their Tokens .
  4. Judgements .
  5. The archives of the Cult mailing list .

Links of Interest to Worshippers

The Cult of Nomic is based upon the Game of Nomic, a game where the object is to amend and change the rules. The initial rules for the Cult are base on Chuck Carroll's Initial Set of Rules for E-Mail Nomic . You can find out more in the Nomic FAQ .
Contact Mary Gardiner if you want to play.