Axiom Main Page

Axiom Main Page

Axiom is instance of a game of nomic. Nomic is a game, invented by Peter Suber and popularized by Douglas Hofstadter, whose primary characteristic is the modification of its own rules.

The game has been dormant for around a year, but recently experienced a bootstrap rejuvenation. We used the pieces of the game that were still around to formally (and contiguously with the first version of the game) restart as a "minic" (minimal nomic) on April 1st, 2000. If you join Axiom you will be given vast sums of money*.

Whats Left:

Rule Defined: [Rules] [Players] [Court Records] [Propositions] [Factions]
Other Stuff: [Mailing List Info] [Axiomatic Spivak] [History Books] [The Word "Harf"]

Previously Useful Documents:

Poobah Of Authority: [CFJs][Rules] [Propositions] [Ruleset History]
Poobah Of Citizens: [Citizen Records]
Had No Poobah To Watch Over It: [Defunct Offices] [Defunct Cycles]

One of Axiom's pages was significatly updated as recently as 9/13/2000.

This Nomic Ring site is owned by Jennifer Mueller.
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Last Updated: 9/4/2000 4:00pm PST
Author: Jennifer Mueller
If you're wonder whether the game is still going, message me at

* Not necessarily true.