Nomic Risk

After the success of Nomopoly, welcome to the next of what will hopefully be many online games run by me, Nomic Risk. As you have probably already guessed, this game is based on Nomic with a Risk board game theme.

Please check out the guide for the game if you haven't already done so for some basic directions to keep the game fun for everyone.

Mao has harvested Territory #71, Territory #89, Territory #90, Territory #92, and Territory #94 with one unit each last turn. Since only one unit was used, rule XIV-4 does not apply, and therefore the resources are harvested, putting the resources of those territories below 0. This contradicts rule XIV-4, thereby creating a paradox. Since the paradox happens entirely within one proposal, rule I-3 cannot resolve the paradox. Mao is unable to legally complete his turn, and according to rule X-4 has therefore won the game.