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This is the homepage for the Nomic known as Utopia, if you don't know what a Nomic is here is the Nomic FAQ This Nomic is an attempt by Tai Koenig and Babylon Horuv to come up with a set of rules by which a Utopian society could be governed. We do, however, encourage people to try to play the game as power hungry bastards, so that we can test to see if our system is Bastard proof. If you would like to join the game post a message in the Discussion forum to that effect and send an e-mail to Babylon or Tai. The game will start as soon as we have five players. The current rules are here and the Starting Ruleset is here.

Discussion Forum
This board is for all posts aside from some official posts.

Current Proposed Rule Changes
Judgement Forum

The current players are:
Babylon Horuv (Chief of Police, Supreme Court)
Tai Koenig (Secretary of Legislation, Secretary of the Interior)