De Imperial Nomic
A.k.a. Imperial Nomic #29
A.k.a. Rico's Planet o' Pedantry
A.k.a. Humuhumunukunukuapua'a Imperial Nomic
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Nomic is a game in which the object is to modify the rules.  It starts with a small initial set of rules which basically only describe how to make new rules, and the players modify the rules as the game progresses.  It was initially developed by Peter Suber as a study, I believe, in the paradoxes (paradoxi for you anal compulsives) inherent in self-amending law.  However, most people I know (those who aren't anal compulsives, at least) play for fun.  The best part of Nomic is that you're never bound by the rules of the game, because the game is to make the rules.  Have you ever wanted to play Strip Charades?  Well, now you can, assuming the other players want to go along with it, and that you actually want to see them naked.  I've played games of this that became drinking games, one that became a version of Silent Table Football on crack, and several through the Net.  The last begs some comment.  Nomic adapts very well to a play-by-e-mail environment, mostly because the Rules need to be easily accessible and legible to everyone and the WWW is a much better forum for that than a hastily scribbled note on a Bailey's-besodden legal pad.  The only problem with democratic PBEM Nomics is that voting on proposed rule changes takes quite a while (a week in Ackanomic, for example, and four to five days in Calvin Ball Nomic) and it loses some of the fast-paced spirit of the face-to-face game.  This problem is partially solved by Imperial Nomic, where all proposals are decided upon by The Imperious Emperor and written and posted by The Humble Scribe (the two of whom are rarely seen together) and the rest of the minions just basically cower in abject fear.  The only bad thing about Imperial Nomic is that it's obviously not terribly democratic; even if all of the players like a certain proposal, if TIE doesn't it's out.  In any case, I think that's enough background for now.  (If you want to know more about Nomic, you should probably at least check out the Nomic FAQ before you try anything here.)

This version of Imperial Nomic, called De Imperial Nomic for some strange Italian-eating reason, was founded on March 9, 1998 when I had to create a planet in Calvin Ball Nomic.  It currently (as of March 17) has 8 players, many of whom are budding Masochists.  Many Nomics have a particular "theme," e.g. Night of the Living Dead Nomic, Marble Nomic, etc.  If this one had a theme, it would have to be Star Wars on hallucinogens.  It started off when Goldenmean proposed the TIE Fighter political party just as a pun on The Imperious Emperor's acronym.  JT proposed Deathstars, and the rest, as they say, was history.  (Long, long ago constitutes history, wouldn't you say?)

If you want to join, all you need to do is submit to me a Proposal (or several) which either creates a new rule, repeals an old one, or amends an existing one.  You also need to include a title for the proposal and/or any rule you want to create, because otherwise I'm required to ignore it.  If this is your first proposal submitted, you should include a name you wish to go by and a color by which I can represent your name on the Scores page that does not represent any current player.  (OK, I just like playing with HTML tags.)   Then I'll decide whether or not your proposal is accepted by flipping a coin (oops, wasn't supposed to reveal my high-tech determination algorithm) and whatever was proposed then becomes law if I accept it, or you get thwapped if I reject it.  The game starts with only the basic bare-bones of rules, and therefore goes in whatever direction the players determine.

Some people believe that Imperial Nomic is too autocratic.  I think that because it generally moves faster than, for example, Josh's chess nomic, it's worth the loss of democracy.  If you don't think so, well, you can always propose introducing voting.

The Basic Documents:

This Nomic was founded on 9 March 1998.
It is Rico's Planet o' Pedantry in Goldenmean's Calvin-Ball Meta-Chess Quasi-Nomic.
It is now Imperial Nomic #29 of the World Imperial Nomic Association.