Hello! Welcome to DragaNomic! This is a pure nomic that is kinda like a cross between nomic and D&D. iIf you don't know what nomic is let me explain: Nomic is a game where changing the rules is a move. It was invented by Peter Suber.

In this game you are a member of a board of legislature. It is medievel times and You and the other players have been gathered to create laws and such for your kingdom. It is your job to send in proposals and make actions discribed in the ruleset.

Important news: The e-mail below is not my e-mail! My e-mail is cyberfam@primenet.com! Players: Please figure out a character for yourself! And please don't send me more then two proposals a week. I'll try and update every week, but I need your votes and stuff!

Last Updated: Sept. 21, 1997

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