Imperial Nomic Game 28 v2.0



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(8/12/98) - We have a WINA!

Name ImpNom#28 Points WINA Points
1st Place: Dan Sanderson 50 Points 25 Points
2nd Place: Jim Huggins 38 Points 20 Points
3rd Place: JT 30 Points 16 Points
4th Place: Tivol 26 Points 13 Points
5th Place: Damian Coffey 0 Points 10 Points
6th Place: Barnaby Brown -2 Points 7 Points
And I get 10 points for being TIE and THS.

(7/16/98) - Imperial Nomic #28 is officially back in business. All files are up and ready to go and a mailing list is now available for this game of Imperial Nomic. To subscribe send a blank message to An archive will be available at I also added this fact to Rights and Responsibilities section of the current rules.

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Special thanks to Duncan Richer, for use of his Imperial Nomic site design and for his help and participation in my last version of Impnom #28.