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Welcome to the Official Omeganomic Web-site! Omeganomic is a game of Nomic which is a game where each player changes the rules. Read the ruleset ot see how this is done, right now. To join, e-mail the TIE with a proposal...

Recent updates (as of 8/19): Well, in case you couldn't tell... Omeganomic sorta died out... however, hope may be on the horizon for "Return of Omeganomic" or some such cheesy gimmic. The stuff below represents all the information just before I lost internet accessa while ago, which pretty much heralded Omeganomic's doom...

Right here is all the stuff that is required for you people to vote on, those who haven't. If you don't wanna vote, tell me you abstain. Also, if you have a business, you need to tell me where it and the factory are on the map.


The duty of the imperial secretary is to render the omeganomic web site legible without extensive typo translation. The secretary receives a weekly salary of 10 jet moxes from the imperial treasury. The secretary will modify each web page, if necessary, within one week after it is updated. The secretary will then submit eir modifications to the appropriate party (i.e. the TIE for the main page, the Treasurer for the Treasury page) for approval and uploading to the web. Only typos are to be fixed.

Votes: Three ayes. Proposal:

There exists an exchange known as the free market. The free market shall buy and sell commodities, and is assumed to have unlimited moxes and commodities of all types.

The free market will offer to buy 50 of each commodity each week, less 10 for each jet mox in cost per unit. [e.g. they will buy 30 for 2 jets/unit or 10 for 4 jets/unit]. The free market will always make an offer to the cheapest source first, then to the next cheapest, until all sources have been tried or all demand has been satisfied. If not all demand is satisfied, the remaining portion will be held over for the next week.

A source of a commodity is currently defined as a business possessing the commodity they deal with.

Two votes: Two ayes, One nay. Position of Commodity Manager
One vote for Mendon
One vote for Elysion.

One Vote for Kyvy Position of Cartographer
One abstain.
One vote for Brex

These are secret ballots, but if you have half a brain you should be able to figure out who is voting for who for Commodity Manager :)

Right now, the theme is: No themes at this moment.

The Current Ruleset
Current Players and their stuff
The failed Proposals archive
The Business Report
The Treasury Report
The map of Omegaland

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