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I would like to appologize to Kevan for giving him that pseudonym which he said "reads as if I've given myself the name because I thought it was a brilliantly witty piece of paradoxical humour." So to clear any misconceptions: Kevan is neither brilliant nor witty nor any combination thereof. He's just Kevan. There, no one can say I didn't try to fix things and you know something? I feel like a better person. I should try this appologizing thing more often.
Hello to Kaz, our latest new player. at least 4 new proposals today. Sorry to everyone for not having updated sooner, but I'm a busy man. So busy that I don't even have time to think up a smart ass quip to put here.

Silly silly Aggravated, went into the woods leaving a trail of breadcrumbs and now that he's killed the witch in the gingerbread house he can't get home cause the crumbs have been eaten. What the hell am I talking about? Why, a link back to my homepage, of course.

Thank you Kevan for giving me the opportunity to simplify my life, I will be in your gratitude for a long, long time. Ups, time's up.

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Also, I've added a page for old news so that this one will load a little quicker. Why? Because we love you. N-O-M-I-C...(it's a Disney joke, you intellectuals are too high brow to get it...). Is anyone else bothered by the arrangement of the laws? I wanted to group them by topic, but I'd like some input first...

Waa waa waah, the HS dosen't upload every day, Waa, why dosen't he have no life like the rest of us, waa waah. Jeeze, I get in such a pissy mood at 2:00 in the morning. They're all there, in no particular order. Enjoy.

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