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The Latest Game Actions in Misty's Nomic Game

(Misty is only the sponsor of the game)

LAST UPDATED ON Stardate 9803.08

Y = 2

(Ymax = 4)

Index of Proposals
Proposal 301 (Vobs) -- Passed
Proposal 302 (Establishing Game Movement) -- Passed
Proposal 303 (Confusion/Entertainment) -- Withdrawn
Proposal 304 (Dibs!) ---Passed
Proposal 305 (Thesaurus Recommended) -- Passed
Proposal 306 (Number of Points Required to Win) -- Passed
Proposal 307 (The Power of Veto) TURN-PROPOSAL Passed
Proposal 308 (Christmas Gifts) Passed
Proposal 309 (Withdrawal of Proposals) Passed
Proposal 310 (Breathing Room)
Proposal 311 (Passage of Proposals by Vote) Passed
Proposal 312 (Repeal of Rule 204)Failed
Proposal 313 (The Family and Medical Leave Act)
Proposal 314 (Anonymity of Sorts)Passed
pseudoProposal 314 (Self-Destruct Voting)INVALID
Proposal 315 (The "Cool Rule Awards") TURN-PROPOSAL

Doug Hoover --- Sent on Sun, 4 Jan 1998 10:59:01 -0500


Proposal 301: (Vobs)

A "vob" (Virtual Object) is hereby defined as any theoretical entity which is defined as a vob in the rules and therefore exists in the context of this game of Nomic. Points, proposals, and rules are vobs. Vobs may be owned by a player or players (as in the case of proposals and positive or negative points), or may not be owned at all (as in the case of rules). Vobs may not be created, duplicated, destroyed, altered, owned, transfered between players, or otherwise manipulated in any way except as explicitly or implicitly permitted by a rule or set of rules (besides rule 116).

Kerridwen McNamara --- Sent on Mon Jan 19 17:00:25 1998



Proposal 302:(Establishing Game Movement)

Starting upon adoption of this Rule Turns shall begin. The last player to have submitted a Proposal before passage of 302 shall take the first Turn and their Proposal will count as their first Turn-Proposal. Turns shall then continue along the Player Order as defined in Rule 118.

At the start of their Turn, the Player-Whose-Turn-It-Is shall be have two days (48 hours) to submit their Turn-Proposal. This Turn-Proposal shall NOT count towards Y as defined in Rule 202. On submission of their Turn-Proposal the Player-Whose-Turn-It-Is shall receive 10 points (bonus for keeping the game active). Two weeks (14 days) after the submission of the Turn-Proposal Players must submit votes on the Turn-Proposal. Votes may be submitted within 2 days (48 hours) after the Turn-Proposal comes to a vote. Each player who submits a vote will receive 5 points (bonus for keeping the game moving). Each player who does NOT submit a vote will lose 2 points (penalty for not keeping the game moving). Seventeen days after the initial submission of the Turn-Proposal, the Player-Whose-Turn-It-Is must send out the results of the vote. The Turn-Proposal will be treated as a regular Proposal in all other ways, and is liable for all other point awards and deductions or other game-actions which may apply. The next Player's Turn begins at the moment they receive the email with the results of the last vote OR when the Player order rolls around to them (as noted above, each Player has two days at the start of their Turn to submit a Proposal). Players who do not submit a Turn Proposal will lose 10 points when the Turn passes on.

Time table:


This Proposal has been WITHDRAWN!!!

Kerridwen McNamara --- Sent on Mon Jan 19 17:01:09 1998

Proposal 303: (Confusion/Entertainment)

All players shall have designations.

The player whose Proposal is under discussion shall be known as Bob or as "the party of the first part".

All other players may be refered to as "the party of the second part", except for Bruce who shall be known as "the party of the third part".

The player coming after Bob shall be known as "Bob Jr". The player coming before Bob shall be referred to as either "Dad or Mom". The player coming before "Dad or Mom" shall be refer to as "Grampa". All other players shall be known as Bruce. If for some reason you need to tell the difference between Bruce and Bruce, one shall be referred to as Bruce (Bob's Friend) and the other as Bruce(Bob Jr's Friend).

Bruce and Bruce may be further differentiated by using lastnames beginning with A, B, C, etc. as appropriate beginning with Bruce A. following Bruce (Bob Jr.'s friend) who follows Bob Jr.

If a Judgement has been called then the Judge shall be known as "Judge SourApples". If this Judge is overturned then the next Judge shall be known as "Judge Doesn'tMatter". The next Judge would be "Judge PassTHISVOTE" followed by "Judge WHOCARES". Any Judge after this would be "Judge X1" with the number accumlating until a vote has been passed.

Doug Hoover --- Sent on Wed, 21 Jan 1998 00:49:39 -0500

Proposal 304: (Dibs!)

While Y is at its maximum possible value, any player who does not have Dibs and does not have a proposal On The Table may invoke Dibs by announcing "Dibs!" and a proposal to be put On The Table automatically upon the next removal of a proposal from the Table. (The player who announces that Y had decremented must also announce that Y has incremented and that the new proposal is now On the Table.)

Furthermore, the player announcing Dibs may immediately initiate the voting on a proposal authored by ANY player as long as:

1) The author of the proposal has another proposal currently On the Table that is also not currently being voted on,


2) The proposal has been On the Table for at least one week, and no player has more than one proposal On the Table.

A player may invoke Dibs even though another player or players already have Dibs, and may force a vote on another rule if there is another that meets the conditions above. In that case, the proposals of the players with Dibs will go On the Table in the order proposed, as slots become available.

Shamus McNamara --- Sent on Tue, 27 Jan 1998 11:52:13 -0600 (CST)


Proposal 305: (thesaurus recommended)

Each proposal that is passed shall gain the proponent points in the following manner. In every word the proponent shall gain 1 point for each letter beyond the tenth letter. In any sentence in which the only punctuation within the sentence is a comma, the proponent shall gain 1 point for every word beyond the 50th.

Doug Hoover --- Sent on Tue, 27 Jan 1998 17:26:23 -0500


Proposal 306: (Number of Points Required to Win)

Rule 208 is ammended to read:

The instant that any player(s) have 10000 or more (positive) points, they win, and the game ends.

Doug Hoover --- Sent on Sat, 28 Feb 1998 19:06:31 -0500

Proposal 307: (The Power of Veto)

Any player may VETO any proposal that would do any of the following things (and might therefore be deamed "unfair"):