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Updated on Dec. 1 1998

Internomic has crashed!
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Inter Nomic Treaty Organization

InterNomic is a Nomic where each player (or member), is actually another Nomic, represented by a liaison. The member Nomics, and their liaisons, are:

Voting Members:

Ackanomic,liaison: Mr. Tambourine Man
Agora, liaison: Kolja A.
Bluesmobile Nomic, liaison: Kerry Kaszak
InterNomic, liaison: InterNomic
Micronomic II (MacroNomic), liaison: Henry Townser
New Rishonomic, liaison: The Voting Gnome
Pumpkin Patch Nomic, liaison: Phil Ackley
Thring, liaison: Anarchy
New Rishonnomic, liaison: Dan Knapp

Non-Voting Members:
FDC Nomic, liaison: Ed Murphy
The Church of Odo on the Wormhole, liaison: Uri Bruck

Moderator: Uri Bruck

The Current Rules of InterNomic
This is the current ruleset.

The Archive of Proposals
This is a complete list of every Proposal so far in InterNomic.

The Archive of Judgements
This is a complete list of every Judgement Filed

The Scores of the Game (and winner history)
The current standing of each nomic in points

Attitudes of Member Nomics
Record of declared attitutes of member nomics as per rule 335

Publications from Member Nomics, Non-Member Nomics, and Independent Publications
Links to news from Member Nomics and other nomic-related publications

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