Thring Nomic - where to look

This page does not even attempt to explain or describe the game of Nomic, or in particular the game of Nomic known as Thring. It just tells you where to find other pages about Thring.

(Hopefully, all the links below now work and are relevant; Adrian Corston, David Wilson and Paul Schulz have both, at various times, maintained Thring Pages but are no longer doing so.)

If you'd like to play Thring, please contact the Speaker, Anthony Bailey, whose email address is The maintainer of these meagre pages is Luke Schubert, ex-Speaker (and ex-Bailiff, but still Internomic Representative and Records & Voting Commissioner by default :) whose home page is reachable by clicking here. Also recommended is that you read the Guide to New Players found somewhere after the second link above (possibly).

Note that Thring has been restarted, and is going strong, with a recent (and continuing!) influx of new players.

Thring is participating in Internomic, a game of Nomic whose players are Nomics (something like either parliaments of States vs the federal parliament in Australia or nations vs the U.N., I'm not sure which yet :). Some relevant links:

The following Thring slogans are, naturally, taken from the Thring Slogan Competition as featured in Thring Weekly.

Thring Nomic - ruling mystique

Thring - His Rule Is No Good.

A Thring a day keeps the Ph.D. away.

Some Thring is going to happen today.

[ The ruleset can be found here. --JU ]