Infinity Nomic is now underway.

Throttle Value Phase Deadline


Awaiting proposals, filling ballot Ballot will be posted at midnight (CDT) Wednesday, June 27, 2001.

Nomic is a game in which changing the rules is a move. The primary activity of Nomic is proposing changes in the rules, debating the wisdom of changing them in that way, voting on the changes, deciding what can and cannot be done afterwards, and doing it. Even this core of the game, of course, can be changed.

Because the rules are always changing, there is no absolute set of rules to Nomic. There is only the starting or initial set of rules. There are 29 numbered rules in the Initial Set. Most are "procedural" and govern the process of changing the rules or the facts of life in a game where the rules are always changing. The chief exception is Initial Rule 202, which should be read first. Rule 202 is practically the only "substantive" rule in the Initial Set. It tells how to earn points to win. The mechanism is a simple calculation. The substantive portion of the game is deliberately simple so that the players can decide, through rule-changes, what kind of game they want to play.

The physical method of play, other than the points calculation and a requirement to write down all rule-changes, is not specified in the rules. Players can keep track of rule-changes in any way they like.


PLAYERS, in order of play, and their scores.

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