Another Dead Nomic.

Latest News (17/2/99)
Garden Nomic died quietly in the early days of 1999 - its players had been drifting away gradually for some time, and the final nail was seemingly driven in when Kevan temporarily lost Internet access and was forced to resign from the critical Offices of Mistress and Registrar. Poltroon kindly took over the mantles for a while, but with very few active Gnomes left, a silence claimed the Garden. Not a murmur from the Goblins, not a tinkling from the Fairies, not a hoot from the Owl.

This Web page remains in place as a tribute to the game, which was without doubt the most enjoyable Nomic it's been my pleasure to take part in. If I ever find the time and inclination I may slip back into the Mistress stilettos and continue from where we are now, although it may well be more entertaining to start with a fresh lawn.

For those readers looking for a Nomic to join, Paranomic (still in its infancy at the time of writing) is running nicely and always seeking new players, and for the brave and the Radio 4 listeners amongst you, the legendary Mornington Nomic is still going strong.

A tip of the pointy-red hat to all who were Gnomes in the Garden, who made the ruleset everything it was, and farewell.

-- Kevan, the ex-Mistress

MONDAY - Inventory Time, Commerce Report, Week-End

TUESDAY - Proposal Distribution Time

WEDNESDAY - Goblin Update Time

THURSDAY - Gamekeeping Time, Story Deadline

FRIDAY - Fairy Voting Time, Allotment-Turning Time, Check-Up Time

EVERY WEEKDAY - The Gift-Acceptance Time

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