A Nomic is dead...

A Nomic was an attempt, on my part at least, to bring computational resources to bear on the mass of recordkeeping that is administering a game of Nomic. At the time, I believed my inability to quicly process Player actions and keep the game state up to date was a major contributing factor to, if not the cause of Berserker Nomic's final crash in December 1999. Though it is clear that I would not have been able to keep A Nomic running as long as I did without the tools I developed for the task, I now believe that streamlining the bookkeeping process is merely treating a symptom of a deeper problem--namely, that no matter how efficient my tools were, I was still the bottleneck. Which is why should I ever start a Nomic again, I will insist on substantial delegation of bookkeeping to the players. A quick look around the Nomic world supports this. It is no coincidence, in my opinion, that the longest-running game by far--Agora--has a highly-developed system of officers to handle the administrative workload.

In this archive can be found everything related to the game. Specifically:

...long live B Nomic.

As of this writing, B Nomic, the successor of A Nomic, is still active. If you're looking for a Nomic to join, I recommend it highly; B Nomic has been a very lively game thus far.

Joel Uckelman, A Nomic Administrator
25 June 2002