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Under rule 469(1), which governs the Office of Recorder, I am bound to maintain a maintain the following lists: I also keep the following lists:

Some of the first few Judgements may have been lost in the mists of time but those I can find proper accounts of are noted here. Judgements before J(4) I only have Owen Massey's word for, as I have no memory or record of them.

He writes:

The missing judgements were discussed over Christmas.

The first call for judgement was made by Chris Dickson in late 1996; he withdrew it before a judgement had been delivered. It has been suggested that it involved the word 'similarly' but I can't find any reference to this in the list of adopted proposals.

However, Terry Boon called for judgement to determine whether a request for judgement could be withdrawn; it was judged that it could not, and a judgement was accordingly delivered on Chris Dickson's original call.

Applicable Judgements

J(4) (22.x.1997) The word "amended" is deemed to refer to any and all textual changes. (Ian Snell)

J(5) (27.x.1997) 418(0) 3. is exempt from rule 417. (Colin Batchelor)

J(6) (30.x.1997) The phrase "new player joins the game" refers to any non-player who becomes a player. (Helen Broadie)

J(7) 384(0) has no effect on other rules and on the players. (Gordon Aickin)

J(8) If anyone is clever enough to find a way to implement Rule 384, they deserve the credit of their actions. Further to that, it is part of the rules of the game, and thus must be adhered to. (Simon Cozens)

J(9) A player who bribes another shall lose 5 points upon the Speaker receiving the notification of the Bride. (Stuart Adamson)

J(10) J(8) is legal and binding. (David Woolger)

J(11) A contradiction has not been reached in the case of counting votes being "FOR and AGAINST". (Helen Broadie)

J(12) (2.xii.1997) A non-player can invoke a judgement. (Colin Batchelor)

J(13) (10.xii.1997) Non-players are not FORBIDDEN by the current ruleset from being Voters, but are currently do not happen to *be* Voters. (Simon Cozens)

J(14) (11.xii.1997) 384(0) does not conflict with 461(0). (Colin Batchelor)

J(15) (11.xii.1997) A player who is in Suspended Animation may not be assigned a counting vote as the result of a Bribe. (Owen Massey)

J(16) (19.i.1998) The vote allowed for the Speaker by rule 439(2) is a counting vote.

J(17) (14.ii.1998) Creation of Puppets does not fall under rule 442. (Nick Fortescue)

J(18) (14.ii.1998) Puppets can exist. (Ian Collier)

J(19) (18.ii.1998) Puppets are players by definition so are therefore always able to go into Suspended Animation if they so choose. (Helen Broadie)

J(20) (21.ii.1998) Puppets are allowed to be Judges when their Master is not a Voter. (Helen Broadie)

J(21) (27.ii.1998) The selection of Terry as Judge for J(19) was not according to the rules, so no penalty should be imposed. (Nick Fortescue)

J(22) (7.iii.1998) 315(0) applies only to enactments of new rules. (Simon Cozens)

J(23) (7.iii.1998) The "four days" in 328(2) means till the fourth sunset to fall on Oxford after the publicizing of the identity of the Judge. (Stephen Gower)

J(24) (9.iii.1998) Black marks exist, and the two awarded to himself by Colin Batchelor for falsely accusing Gordon Aickin of malpractice with CV points and accidentally selecting Robin Hood as a judge stand. (Ian Collier)

J(25) (10.iii.1998) P97 itself is not a rule change but a proposal. (Tim Ricketts)

J(26) (10.iii.1998) P97 is not a rule change, and is therefore neither a legal rule change nor an illegal rule change. (Terry Boon)

J(27) (10.iii.1998) P97 is two rule changes according to 105(0). (Stephen Gower)

J(28) (11.iii.1998) FT8 is not a valid Fast-Track proposal. (Terry Boon)

J(29) (12.iii.1998) If FT8 is a Proposal then the Speaker was entitled to accept it as a Fast-Track Proposal. (Ian Collier)

J(30) (12.iii.1998) Judgements are not binding on play. (Gordon Aickin)

J(32) (16.iii.1998) J(31) is illegal. (Colin Batchelor)

J(33) (19.iii.1998) Appeals work in the same way as Judgements, except where the rules state otherwise. Hence an Appeal Judge has four days to supply a Judgement. (Ian Collier)

J(34) (20.iii.1998) The position of Master of Puppets does not cease to be an Office solely because the Puppets are in Suspended Animation. (Terry Boon)

J(35) (20.iii.1998) J(30a), J(30b), J(31a), J(31b), J(32a), and J(32b) are all illegal due to the result of A(31). (Gordon Aickin)

J(36) (20.iii.1998) When a Judge has made more than one Judgement on the same CFJ, it is at the discretion of the Recorder which, if any, of the Judgements to accept. (Ian Collier)

J(38) (30.iii.1998) The Speaker should have put the Puppets in Suspended Animation. (Simon Cozens)

J(41) (29.iv.1998) The week mentioned in Rule 315 is in Nomic game time. (Tim Ricketts)


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