J(12) 2.xii.1997

Call for Judgement

Stephen Gower made the following Call for Judgement:


The Judge selected was Stuart Adamson, who defaulted on delivering a judgement. Colin Batchelor was chosen to succeed him:

A non-player can invoke a judgement.


398(0) When judgement is invoked, the Speaker must, as soon as possible, select a Judge as described in the Rules. The Speaker must then distribute the statement to be judged, along with the identity of the Judge, to all players.
It specifies that judgement can be invoked, but it nowhere states that it has to be done by a player. In my view the part of rule 401(3), which mentions "The player calling for justice may..." only applies in the case of a player calling for justice. It doesn't imply that a non-player can't invoke a judgement.
401(3) The statement to be judged must take the form of a list of at least two possible interpretations of a particular rule or interaction of two or more rules. The player calling for justice may if they wish explain the conflict in greater detail but the explanation is not part of the statement to be judged.

A Fast-Track proposal was made to fix this hole, and it was adopted.

This Judgement is mentioned in Issue 5 of the OxNomicker.
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