J(13) 10.xii.1997

Call for Judgement

Dominic Camus made the following Call for Judgement:

103(0) At any time, each player shall be either a Voter or the Speaker; no player may simultaneously be a Voter and a Speaker. At any time there shall be exactly one Speaker. The term "player" in the rules shall specifically include both the Voters and the Speaker.
116(0) Whatever is not prohibited or regulated by a rule is permitted and unregulated, with the sole exception of changing the rules, which is permitted only when a rule or set of rules explicitly or implicitly permits it.

In view of the two rules above, the statements to be judged are:


The Judge selected was Simon Cozens.

Both of the statements are to some extent true. Non-players are not FORBIDDEN by the current ruleset from being Voters, but are currently do not happen to *be* Voters. However, it would cause a certain amount of chaos if non-players voted. OTOH, it could be argued that by the very act of Voting and thusly interacting with the game play process, one *becomes* a Player.

He made a Fast-Track Proposal (which failed) as follows: All Players are either Voters or Speakers. All Voters are either Players or Speakers.

This Judgement is mentioned in Issue 5 of the OxNomicker.
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