J(36) 20.iii.1998

Call for Judgement

Colin Batchelor made a Call for Judgement on the following statements:

  • When a Judge has made two Judgements on the same CFJ, both Judgements are null and void.
  • When a Judge has made two Judgements on the same CFJ, only the second Judgement is null and void, and the first one holds.
  • When a Judge has made two Judgements on the same CFJ, the second Judgement overrides the first.


The Judge selected was Ian Collier.

None of the above.
When a Judge has made more than one Judgement on the same CFJ, it is at the discretion of the Recorder which, if any, of the Judgements to accept.

Let's firstly consider the degenerate case. It is entirely likely that the Recorder will publish this Judgement before the first sunset has fallen following the CFJ. If I then make another Judgement three days later it will still be within the time limit but the second Judgement will be irrelevant given that the first one has already been published as the definitive answer. On the other hand, to make the rules so inflexible that one could not under any circumstance change one's mind would be wrong.

I would suggest that under normal circumstances the Recorder treat the first Judgement as taking priority, but if the Judge states that the second supersedes the first and the Recorder has not yet published the result then the Judge's wishes should be followed.

Finally, if two Judgements arrive at the same time then the Recorder is entitled to reject both of them on the grounds that "a legal Judgement" has not been received.

Recorder's Commentary

Good. This means I can reject J(30x) and J(32x).
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Created 20.iii.1998 by Colin Batchelor, OxNomic Recorder