J(39) 20.iv.1998


Ian Snell made the following Accusation:

  • Owen Massey has broken Rule 452.
  • Owen Massey has not broken Rule 452.

The rule that has been given the title "Black Marks" by the Rule Clerk has been given the Reference Number 480 by the Speaker. According to Rule 452, the Speaker must assign each new rule a Reference Number greater by one than the last assigned to a rule. A rule exists with the Reference Number of 480 - namely that given the title "Use of Quorum" by the Rule Clerk, which resides in the Immutable Rules.

Therefore, I feel that Owen Massey as the Speaker has broken Rule 452, although I suspect he has done so unintentionally.


The Judge selected was Gordon Aickin:L

I judge that:
Owen Massey has broken the Rules. And is awarded one Black Mark.


I know that I don't have to give Owen a black mark for such a trivial offence, and it seems a bit harsh, but...


Owen can get rid of this Black Mark easily, all he needs to do is "decree that the situation currently obtaining in OxNomic shall be that which would have been the case had the rules not been broken." Because if the rules had never been broken then the Black Mark would never have been awarded so it just disappears.

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Created 5.v.1998 by Colin Batchelor, OxNomic Recorder