J(30) 12.iii.1998

Call for Judgement

Owen Massey made the following Call for Judgement:

Illegal Judgement

The first Judge selected was Colin Batchelor.


The statement chosen in a Judgement is binding on past play.


The statement chosen in a Judgement is binding on future play, unless and until some rule determines the situation.


Having found the rules silent on this issue, I have had to resort to past Judgements, and J(10) tells me that "Cozens' Judgement is legal and binding.", and I'll say that this is relevant to all Judgements. Yes. The Appeal A(10) didn't disagree.

Legal Judgement

However, owing to Gordon Aickin's Judgement on J(35), I tried to obtain a legal Judgement just for completeness, and the random Judge selector chose Gordon Aickin, whose Judgement, after some pretty heavy subediting, looked like this:

I judge that: "Judgements are not binding on play."

PR482 seems to settle this once and for all.

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Created 12.iii.1998, last amended 26.iii.1998 by Colin Batchelor, OxNomic Recorder