J(5) 27.x.97

Call for Judgement

Ian Snell made the following Call for Judgement:

418(0), 3. is exempt from rule 417.
418(0) 3. is not exempt from rule 417.


From rule 417(0)

When ever CV points are gained by a player the Bank will lose an equal number. Whenever CV points are lost by a player the bank will gain an equal number.

From rule 418(0)
3. Every new player who joins the game will recieve CV100
4. Whenever a player leaves the game all their CV points will be transferred to the bank and the bank will lose CV100.

Section 3 from 418(0) can be interpreted in two ways : either as separate from rule 417, so the CV points mentioned are added to the total pool, or as included in 417, so the bank gives CV100 to the joining player. However, the second option could lead to the bank losing all CV points, if people leave, then new people join. The first possibility is what I believe was intended, but this ambiguity requires judgement. This situation requires judgement now, as Chris has rejoined the game.


The Judge selected was Colin Batchelor

I would rule that 3. is...
...exempt from rule 417.

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Created 18.ii.98 by Colin Batchelor, OxNomic Recorder