Call for Judgement

Owen Massey made the following Call for Judgement:

A player who Bribes another shall lose 5 points:


The Judge selected was Stuart Adamson.

Seeing as the action of making a bribe involves informing the speaker, the bribe is not made before then. By informing the speaker, this is read as the speaker understanding the situation, rather than a message being sent to the speaker which the speaker may or may not have yet read.

The loss of points is judged to be part of the bribe, rather than an effect of the bribe, so as the bribe is "effective" before the end of the voting period (second paragraph of 449(2) ), then the loss of points also has to be effective before the end of the voting period.

Therefore, it is judged that a player who bribes another shall lose 5 points upon the Speaker receiving the notification of the Bribe. (where receiving is to be read as "receiving and understanding")

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Created 27.ii.1998 and last amended 26.iv.1998 by Colin Batchelor, OxNomic Recorder