J(37) 24.iii.1998


Ian Collier made the following Accusation:

473(1) states that "a Puppet may take no actions except as explicitly stated in its Instructions" and "The Instructions of a Puppet may not allow a decision to be made by a human except [if further play would be impossible]". The Puppets Robin Hood, King John and Chris Dickson have entered Suspended Animation, which is an action not stated in any of the Instructions of the three Puppets. Therefore Rule 473(1) has been broken. Since Simon Cozens is responsible for the Puppets having entered Suspended Animation, it is he who is responsible for having broken the Rule.


The Judge selected was Terry Boon. However, he defaulted on supplying a Judgement, so Colin Batchelor was selected to Judge.

My reasoning is the same as Ian's given above.

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Created 24.iii.1998, last amended 29.iii.1998 by Colin Batchelor, OxNomic Recorder