J(18) 14.ii.98

Call for Judgement

Nick Fortescue made a Call for Judgement on the following statements:


By rule 113(0)
"A player always has the right to forfeit the game rather than continue to play".
By rule 473(0)

The rule does not seem to explicitly allow or disallow a Puppet to forfeit the game. Certainly none of the Puppets existing so far can forfeit the game as their Instructions do not include this action, and their actions are governed entirely by their Instructions.

By rule 113(0), immutable rules take precedence and any mutable rule which conflicts with an immutable rule is entirely void. So is rule 473(0) entirely void, and are any of the rules creating Puppets entirely void?


The Judge selected was Ian Collier.

Puppets can exist. There is no conflict between having the right to forfeit the game and not actually taking the right. A puppet's instructions may specify that it does or does not resign at particular times.

This Judgement is included in Issue 6 of the OxNomicker.
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Created 18.ii.98, last modified 24.iii.1998 by Colin Batchelor, OxNomic Recorder