J(24) 9.iii.1998

Call for Judgement

Colin Batchelor made the following Call for Judgement:


The Judge selected was Ian Collier.

Looking through the Ruleset, I find that the only mention of Black Marks is in Rule 469(1), in which it states that

The Recorder ... shall record Black Marks against players' names.

This seems to settle the first part of the question, namely that Black Marks exist. [Although "Black marks" may or may not exist, it seems sensible to apply a case-insensitive match in this, er, case.]

Interpreting the rule literally and pedantically, I find that the Recorder has so far not obeyed the law because he has not recorded any Black Marks against anyone's name. The rule seems to dictate that the Recorder should record at least two players' names, each with at least one Black Mark against it (or, indeed, at least two Black Marks positioned in such a way that they could be said to be against at least two of the names). Whether the Recorder records anyone else's name and/or records Black Marks against them is entirely up to him until the Rules are amended to specify otherwise.

It seems convenient, though not necessarily necessary, that one of the names recorded should be that of Colin Batchelor, given that he is the only player to have been awarded a Black Mark (whether legal or not). Therefore the result of the judgement will be:

Black marks exist, and the two awarded to himself by Colin Batchelor for falsely accusing Gordon Aickin of malpractice with CV points and accidentally selecting Robin Hood as a judge stand.

It is not within the scope of this Judgement to specify whether the Recorder should comply with the Rules by recording anyone else's name.

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Created 9.iii.1998, last modified 12.iii.1998 by Colin Batchelor, OxNomic Recorder