J(35) 20.iii.1998

Call for Judgement

Colin Batchelor made the following Call for Judgement:


The Judge selected was Tim Ricketts. He failed to deliver in the requisite amount of time, so Gordon Aickin became the replacement. He wrote, after heavy subediting:

I choose a different option.

J(30a), J(30b), J(31a), J(31b), J(32a), and J(32b) are all illegal due to the result of A(31).


An appeal is an attempt to overturn the decision made in a particular Judgement. It is not a judgement on the legality of a Judgement. It is just suggesting that the Judge chose the wrong option.

So the result of A(31) should be treated as if it were the result of CFJ(31). J(31) has been overturned, by A(31) but that does not mean that J(31) was necessarily illegal.

But the text of A(31) states that "It is illegal for a judge to produce two judgements", so this outlaws all judgements where two judgements were given.


I hope that the banker will be applying fines to the judges of J(30), J(31) and J(32) for failing to produce a legal Judgement in time, and I believe that the Recorder needs to choose new judges for these statements so that they actually get judged.

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Created 20.iii.1998, last amended 26.iii.1998 by Colin Batchelor, OxNomic Recorder