J(11) 25.xi.1997

Call for Judgement

Ian Collier made a Call for Judgement on rule 219. It was summarized by the Scribe (Owen Massey) as follows:

Stalemate requires a special kind of statement to be judged, indeed, a statement of a form not obviously catered for by the ordinary list-of-possibilities call (which happens to take precedence over the Stalemate rule). So, wishing to cover all bases, he said that the statement he wished to see judged TRUE under 219 was:

A contradiction has been reached.

and for the purposes of 401 this was accompanied by the list of choices:


The Judge selected was Helen Broadie.

I Judge that


As Owen says, 207 says that Voters may only send in a vote for or against a proposal, but there is nothing to stop their counting vote being "FOR and AGAINST", which is what I judge to have happened in this instance, so I find that there is not a contradiction.

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