J(28) 11.iii.1998

Call for Judgement

Ian Collier made the following Call for Judgement:

with the additional commentary:

A Proposal is an ordered finite non-empty list whose elements are all rule changes or Motions. FT8 (unless it has been posted in a nonstandard format) is a list of one element, that element being the combination of a rule change and a score change.


The Judge selected was Terry Boon.

I judge that FT8 is not a valid Fast-Track proposal, for the reasons Ian Collier gives. No reasonable reformatting of FT8 yields a valid proposal, since there is no means of changing a player's score in a proposal (apart from enacting a rule which does so, which FT8 does not do).

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Created 11.iii.1998 by Colin Batchelor, OxNomic Recorder