J(19) 18.ii.1998

Call for Judgement

Colin Batchelor made the following Call for Judgement:


The Judge selected was Death, which the Speaker decided against, and chose Terry Boon (but see J(20) on this subject --- the choice turned out to be illegal). He defaulted, and Helen Broadie was selected as the replacement.

Puppets can go into Suspended Animation.

382(0) says that, "at any time, a player may choose to enter Suspended Animation." Puppets are players by definition so are therefore always able to go into Suspended Animation if they so choose. Of course, they won't so choose unless it is in their Instructions, but they would always be allowed to.

Footnote: On the subject of his defaulting, Terry Boon wrote the following:

Alas - I somehow missed the fact that I had been appointed Judge until Owen told me yesterday (Sunday), and was just about to write my judgement when this message appeared. Had I not been delayed in ox.talk, I would have decreed that Puppets, being players, can enter Suspended Animation.

This Judgement is included in Issue 6 of the OxNomicker.
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