J(4) 22.x.97

Call for Judgement

Owen Massey made the following Call for Judgement:

Rule 430(0) states that its last paragraph shall be repealed when all rules are found to be correct. Rule 452(0) states that when a rule is amended, its Version Number shall be increased by one. The word 'amended' could be interpreted as referring only to amendments resulting from Proposals, in which case 430(0) remains 430(0), or it could be interpreted as including any textual change, in which case 430(0) becomes 430(1).


The Judge selected was Ian Snell.

The word "amended" is deemed to refer to any and all textual changes. This requires 430(0) to become 430(1) upon the occasion of the repealing of its last paragraph. Furthermore, this interpretation also requires any and all rules corrected by the Speaker under the action of the aforementioned paragraph to be deemed as amended also, such that their Version Numbers shall also be increased by one.

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Created 18.ii.98 by Colin Batchelor, OxNomic Recorder