J(26) 10.iii.1998

Call for Judgement

Colin Batchelor made the following Call for Judgement:


The Judge selected was Terry Boon.


I state and choose the following statement: "P97 is not a rule change, and is therefore neither a legal rule change nor an illegal rule change."


105(0) defines what a rule change is; I merely check the definition.


I believe that it is acceptable for a Proposal not to be given explicitly as a (finite, non-empty, ordered) list (of rule changes and motions), provided that it can unambiguously be transformed to such a list.

It is natural to transform the above proposal to the following list:

P97 is, I believe, a valid Proposal, consisting of two rule changes.

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Created 11.iii.1998, last amended 15.iii.1998 by Colin Batchelor, OxNomic Recorder