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Ackanomic is a game of Play-By-Email Nomic. This page serves as the information center for the game.

These pages were last updated on 7/26/97 at 5:23 PM CDT

The rules, proposal archive, proposals by player, and scores are updated through proposal 2240.

General Info

General information on Nomic games
How To Join This Crazy Game
General Ackanomic Information
This is a brief summary of Ackanomic for novices. (Read this if you don't know what Ackanomic is)

Rules, proposals, etc.

The Current Rule Set (500KB+)
Rules by hundreds | | Lists of rules by categories | | Repealed rules

The Archives of Proposals, CFJs (Calls for Judgement), CSRs (Common Sense Reports), and the Spelling Bee.

The CFJ Ineligibility List

The Promoter's automated insanely-up-to-date list of current proposals

Acrobot on the web

Players, Scores, Financial & Entity records, Parties, Churches, Mentors

Temporary updated Player/Entity page | | Temporary updated undead page | | Entity Index

Entity Pictures
Registrar's Page
Email and Ackanomic Name Archive
The Old Scores Page (and scores from past cycles)
The Current Scorekeeper's Scores Page
The Past Winners of Cycles of Ackanomic
The Gallery
The Hall of Elders

The Current List of Political Parties and Miscellaneous Player-founded Organizations
The Current List of Churches

Old Mentors Page
Old Players/entities Page (Maintained by Malenkai)
The Old Undead-Harfer's page


Internomic Info (Maintained by snowgod, the Ambassador)
Malenkai's Internomic Page

Other Officers' Reports

The History of Ackanomic, part one by breadbox
The Postmaster's Page | | Time Zones Page
The Map-Harfer's Page
The Clerk of the Court's Page (Maintained by Malenkai)
The Archive of AOJs (Acts of Justice)
Current Events Page (Nominations, Elections, Auctions, etc. - Maintained by Malenkai)
Poet Laureate's web page
AckaPhysicist's Page
Runemaker's page
Ackanomic File Formats

The Old Archive of Official Polls


Old Old GamesMaster's web page
Last GamesMaster's web page (now obsolete)
Unofficial Ghost games on Ackanomic IRC
Fictionary Dictionaries for Fictionary: (1) (down) (2)
Guy Fawkes's speed viruses on IRC
Party Chess
The Machine That Goes *ping*
Ye Olde Rusty Lantern - playtest game
Ye Olde Rusty Lantern - real G&C game
A YORL game played on Ackanomic IRC.
Guy Fawkes's analysis of the game Boolean tic-tac-toe This message won the second silver moon award.
The Ballad of Party Chess

The Witchhunt Archive

Entity Records

Trinkets | | Treasure (Maintained by Malenkai)
Alfvaen's list of trinket creators | | The Gumball | | Phoebe the Steel Flea | | Prosthetic Foreheads | | Silly Vacation Hats | | Champion's Cloaks and Badges of Glory | | Party Hall Parties | | The Round Earth Restoration Society
Evil Twins and the W-File reports (maintained by Calvin N Hobbes) | |


Vynd's Crazy French-Scotsman Complaints

Ackanomic IRC - hopefully Ackanomic players will sometimes congregate here.

Jammer's Grafitti Wall

A list of many online dictionaries. From this I chose the first one below.

The 1st Official Dictionary - ftp://sable.ox.ac.uk/pub/wordlists/dictionaries/Unabr.dict.gz is a gzipped list of 213,557 words.
The 2nd Official Dictionary: Telnet to MarlDOoM - look up words here with "ospd word" and it will say if the word is an acceptable tournament Scrabble word.

A treatise on game theory by Steve Gardner - Posted here with permission.

Prime Numbers page

Godel's Theorem on the web

They Might Be Giants

The New Tour Hats

An HTML Primer for future web-harfers

HTML 3.2 Checked! Mail the Speaker

Mail the Web-Harfer

Mail Assistant Web-Harfer Malenkai (in charge of the CotC, Players/entities, current events, trinkets, treasure pages and the 2nd internomic page)

Mail Assistant Web-Harfer snowgod (in charge of the 1st internomic page, Ackanomic IRC page, and the Registrar's Page)

I'm working on validating the HTML of all the Ackanomic web pages; see the "Kindler, Gentler Validator" above. All the pages on wilma with direct links on this page, and all the proposals and rules pages are validated, but the CFJ's, party/church pages, and some other stuff remains to be done. I found several more instances of < and > that needed to be converted to &lt; and &gt; by doing this.