Act of Justice 101 - Mon Apr 22 9:45pm CDT 1996

By R508, the Supreme Court of Ackanomia is hereby unamiously declaring an Act of Justice (AOJ).

This AOJ, shall read, in whole:

The decision of the President, Robert Sevin, to withdrawl P644, P645, and P646, is being nullifed. His score shall be adjusted back to its value as if the proposals had not been withdrawn (260), and thus R422 shall not apply, and thus the President, Robert Sevin, should not be declared the winner by R422.

The explanation, shall read, in whole:

The consequences of this action are to end the game. The Court feels that it is in the best interest of the Ackanomia that the game not without proper Law to handle the transition to the next game. The Court views President Sevin's attempt to start a new game unilaterally as unlawful.

verified and agreed Malenkai

[ Additional material in square brackets:

The Court has nothing against President Sevin, and would view him as a worthy winner, should the consequences not be so dire. Should the proper legislation to handle this situation pass, the Court would strongly consider a motion to overturn this AOJ.

Mitchell Harding wrote:

> I hereby retract Proposal 644, Proposal 645, and Proposal 646. This lowers
> my score by 3 points. This brings my score to 257 (my last published score
> was 261, and I retracted Proposal 640, bringing it to 260), which means 
> that under Rule 422 I win the game. Therefore, by Rule 110 I am the
> Speaker in the "next game". I decree that the "next game" will simply
> be a continuation of this one... We need to make some rules to deal with 
> winning the game.
> Robert Sevin, President, Speaker, and hopeful winner...]