Trinket Creator List

5 PFAlfvaen (value A$12)
A$50 (value A$5)
A Big Bowl of Dip (value A$5)
A box to put rule books in (value A$15)
The Ackanomic Museum of Antiquities (Trinket) (value A$50)
Adhesive Capital H (value A$2)
Agora (value A$1)
Aladdin's Ring (value A$800)
Alien Shaking Ball (value A$20)
Amber Heptahedron (value A$1)
Amulet of Saaramaa (value A$75)
an A for effort and an E for effort (value A$10 each)
Antimatter (value A$5)
a strong shovel (value A$7)
a trinket called Smiley (value A$5)
baa baa food (value A$5)
The Bagel of Uestiox (value A$10)
Bascules vacation lunchbag (value A$5)
Beach Blanket Bingo (value A$5)
Beldin's Parka (value A$3)
Big Ole Jug of Wine (value A$5)
Blarney Stone (value A$77)
Bond Bracelent (value A$25)
Bound Rules Manuscript (value A$300)
Bracelet of Conjuring (value A$7)
The Brass Umbrella (value A$25)
Bronze Horse (value A$700)
Bronze Umbrella (value A$5)
Chalice from the Palace (value A$180)
Chartreuse Elephant (value A$650)
cheap plastic imitation of the Amulet of Yendor (value A$10)
Cheap political favors 1-20 (value A$1 each)
Cheeseburger of Strider-Bonking (value A$10)
Codex of Jara (value A$1)
Colossus of Sardia (value A$900)
Consolation Prize (value A$50)
Crash Helmet (value A$10)
Crashproof Vest (value A$10)
Crown of Ultimate Failure (value A$100)
Crystal Grapefruit (value A$78)
/dev/joe's Legacy (value A$250)
Dubious Chicken Rectum (value A$1)
The Earth (value A$1)
EEL Button (value A$7)
Elves (value A$23)
Elvis (value A$23)
Elwes (value A$23)
Enlightenment (value A$3)
Exquisite Dead Guy (value A$150)
Falafel Fallen Off (value A$11)
Fibber the Low-Grade Brass-Painted Cheapo Plastic Flea (value A$9)
Fine Wooden Chest (value A$171)
The Five Hundred Misplaced Ackapennies (value A$5)
Fresh Mints (value A$3)
Frozen Mirror (value A$6)
Pulse Shovel (value A$23)
Ghost on IRC, anyone NOW? (value A$1)
God-like status ( as defined in "Amung Gods" ) (value A$23)
Golden Frinking Straw (value A$100)
The Golden Frog (value A$600)
Gold Ingot (value A$500)
The Grafitti Wall (value A$15)
Guy Fawkes' Soap Box (value A$25)
The Haddocks' Eyes Locket (value A$75)
Han Solo (value A$50)
The Helm of Impending Vanquishment (value A$12)
Hubert Feathers (value A$50)
The Inky Bloater (value A$10)
Inky Bloater Decoy 1-498 (value A$1 each)
Instant Shelter (value A$200)
internomic (value A$10)
Interpol Crime-Pounding Nightstick (value A$20)
Interpol Mug (value A$7)
IRC Trout of Slapping (value A$10)
I Remember Oom-Pah-Pah (value A$100)
I Was On A Galactic Rescue Mission (value A$10)
Jade Key of Yara (value A$23)
Jammer's Butler (value A$25)
Joe Bollinger (value A$1)
kite mitt (value A$150)
Kudo (value A$1)
Large Wooden Block (A$10)
Life-Sized Replica of The Monument To Futility (value A$630)
Little Bag O' Chips [A-E, H-I, Z] (value A$1 each)
Loophole Surfboard (value A$3195)
Lucky Ball and Chain (value A$50)
The Machine That Goes *blurp* (value A$20)
Malenkai's Amber Banana Tree (value A$5)
Malenkai's Gold Coins (57 of them, value A$1 each)
Malenkai's Vase (value A$12)
Man Thin (value A$1)
the Manx Cat (value A$30)
Map of Jara (value A$1)
marble pedestal (value A$15)
Medium-Sized Wooden Block (value A$10)
Military Laser (value A$15)
Military laser 1-10 (value A$1 each)
Military Lasers (value A$30)
Miniature Tower Replica (value A$7)
Model of what might have been Jmmer's Butler (value A$10)
money (value A$1)
Monument to Futility Tickets 1-5 (value A$1 each)
Mr. Lunatic Fringe's Treasure Togas #1-8(value A$5 each)
nada (value A$5)
Narya The Great (value A$100)
Needle's Eye (value A$?)
Nenya (value A$100)
Nethack (value A$1)
Nonentity 1-200 (value A$4)
Normal Matter (value A$5)
No Tea (value A$20)
Nothing Tangible (value A$1)
The Old Man's Marbles (A$100)
The One (value A$100)
One big honking trinket (A$808)
One unpopular proposal (A$5)
Onyx Lion (value A$92)
Onyx Vase (value A$98)
Original Rules Manuscript (value A$500)
Orion's Crystal (value A$20)
Pair of Big Brass Balls, [sic] (value A$50)
Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster (value A$45)
Parka (value A$30)
Pedestal of *ping* (value A$50)
PFennig 0-49 (value A$2 each)
Phil the Aluminum Tick (value A$15)
Pillbox (value A$5)
The Plate of Sardines (value A$25)
player (value A$1)
players (value A$1)
Practice Voodoo Economics (value A$5)
PrtyChssPc Rk (value A$75)
Pumpkin Patch (value A$1)
Quite Garish Ties 1-117,649 (value A$1/117,649 each)
Really Cheap Trinket 1-100 (value A$0.01 each)
Remember To RFC (value A$2)
Rene (value A$10)
repayment (value A$50)
Robert Sevin's Moderately Amusing Vacation Hat (value A$25)
Rosebud (value A$1)
Runestone of Jukkasjarvi Fragment (value A$3 each)
The Sacred Chao (value A$100)
Sceptre of Penguin Power (value A$75)
Secret Decoder Ring (value A$20)
Shades of Chorg (value A$51)
Shapeshifter (value A$600)
Silver Shovel (value A$100)
Snail Shell (value A$30)
snowgod (value A$50)
The Splendid One Man Percussion Section (value A$150)
Staff of the Scorekeeper/Postmaster/Demon King (value A$10)
Staff of the Silicon Python (value A$97)
The statue of snowgod made entirely of Blue Jello (value A$100)
sticks and stones (value A$50)
Strider's Presidential Vision (value A$100)
Tasteless Trinket of Timekeeping (value A$999)
Thanatopsis (value A$27)
ThinMan's Moneybag (value A$400)
Thring (value A$1)
Ties 1-15 (value A$2 each)
Travesty (value A$10)
the trinket formerly known as the player formerly known as snowgod (value A$10)
Tube Top of Kyle Bannor (value A$50)
Twice Life-Sized Replica of The Tower of Bandwidth (value A$617)
uropokan (value A$20)
Victorious Eggplant (value A$25)
Victory Gin (value A$19)
Vilya (value A$100)
We Come In Peace (value A$10)
whatever it is we're auctioning today (value A$1)
The White Tent The Raft (value A$50)
the Wouf Houng (value A$1)
your useless brain (value A$8)

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