Official Map of Ackanomia

The Map is governed by rule 845.

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The map below is the official Map of Ackanomia.
If you want your house linked to something, e-mail your request to the Map-Harfer.

To do:
add DPR's and Ace's houses
fix the name of Voting Gnome's house
delete Chalmers's, Lipid's, and Sammy's houses (L1, L3, K1)
Mark Techno's new land

Assorted Buildings & Common Land:

A1: Gaol
A2-A4,B3: Museum
A6-A9: Hall of Elders
B1-C2: The Library
C3-C6: Ackanomic Afterlife
D2-E3: Cow Town
D4-E6: The Senate
F2-F5: Free Market
F6-F7: Courthouse
H3: Tower of Bandwidth [40m]
I5-I6: Ackanomic Institute of Genetic Replication
J1: Portrait Gallery
L1, L3, K1: common land

Player homes:

B4: /dev/house-o-cheese (/dev/joe)
B5: Ackanomic House of Pancakes (ThinMan)
B7: Joon's house (Joon)
B8: Darkavan Tetnne (Calvin N Hobbes)
C7: The Revolving Shed (mr cwm) (dangling)
C8: Malenkai's Castle (Malenkai)
D1: Mohammed's Spring Gazebo (breadbox)
D7: Temple of the Damned (Techno)
E1: AZTEC GOD's house (AZTEC GOD) (dangling)
E7: snowgod's beach cottage (Mr. Lunatic Fringe)
E8: correspond to a text string consisting of an infinite number of q's (Atilla the Pun) (dangling)
F1: The Hollow Log (Voting Gnome)
F8: CarsesraC's house (CarsesraC)
F9: Mohammed's Autumn Hammock (Robert Sevin)
G1: Antimatter's house (Antimatter)
G2: two-star's house (two-star) (dangling)
G3: Xanadu [+ 145m tower "Monument to Futility"] (Guy Fawkes)
G6: The House of the Techno-Discordians, Ackanomic Activity Department (AAD) (fnord)
G7: the Oasis (Chaos)
G8: Mohammed's Winter Mosque (Niccolo Flychuck)
H5: Darth Vader's house (Darth Vader)
H8: Karma's house (Karma)
J2: FALSE (Red Barn)
J8: Tamson House (Alfvaen)
K2: Rex Mundi's house (Rex Mundi)
K4: Somewhere Else (Vynd)
L2: Ben's house (Ben)
L4: The Pirate Ship Revenge (Dread Pirate Roberts)
L5: Ace Rimmer's house (Ace Rimmer)

Other land owned by players or organizations:

A5,G5,H1: land owned by Alfvaen
I1-I4: land owned by Calvin N Hobbes
J7: FunkyTown (Odo on the Wormhole)
K5-K6: land owned by Mr. Lunatic Fringe
K9: Canines Tattoo Parlour (Karma)
L6-L9: land owned by Techno
not on land: VOYAGER I (Calvin N Hobbes) (small building)

Houses owned by undead

B6: The Den of Iniquity (Bascule)
B9: Wayne's house (Wayne)
C9: this is not a name's house (this is not a name)
D8: Aubergine Hall (Brinjal)
D9: Mohammed's Summer Igloo (Ackers)
E9: CV1701's house (CV1701)
G4: fon's house (fon)
G9: Bibliophilia (Pascal)
H2: AirHead's house (AirHead)
H4: Swann's house [+ 37m tower "Swann's Singularity] (Swann)
H6: Lestrade's Lighthouse [+ 40m tower] (Lestrade)
H7: Zone 23 (23 Skidoo) (dangling)
H9: G. Peefalt's house (G. Peefalt)
I7: Jammer's house [+ 40m tower "Jam Session"] (Jammer)
I8: land owned by Strider
I9: Strider's house [+ 35m tower] (Strider)
J3-J4: land owned by Jammer
J5: Jammer's Getaway (Jammer)
J6: The Band Shell (Jammer)
J9: Uncle Sam's house (Uncle Sam)
K3: You can reach me Here (You can call me Al)
K7: Acme Labs (Narf)
K8: The Castle on a Cloud (Ludwig)

Destroyed by R1751

A5: Bash's Bash (haunted by undead Bash)
B7: Sherwood Castle (haunted by undead Robin Hood)
D9: The Great Old One's house (haunted by undead The Great Old One)
E1: Geezer's house (haunted by undead Geezer)
E8: Stately Pleasure Dome (haunted by undead pTang1001001sos)
E9: Simon Marty Harriman's house (haunted by undead Simon Marty Harriman)
F8: Mellon's house (haunted by undead Mellon)
G1: chess piece face's house (haunted by undead chess piece face)
G2: De'ghew's house (haunted by undead De'ghew)
G5: The Lair of the Pink Bimbo (haunted by undead Kelly Martin)
H1: Looney's house (haunted by undead Looney)
J8: skinny's house (haunted by undead skinny)
K9: Eponimondas's house (haunted by undead Eponimondas)
history page/dev/joe's houseMr. Lunatic Fringe's housetinan's housemalenkai's housetechno's houseniccolo flychuck's houseSwann's houseLestrade's house23 skidoo's houseMuseumMuseumThe Band ShellAckers' page


All players are in their homes, all unowned entities are at the treasury, and all other entities do not have a location specified, except as follows:

See the New Player/Entity Page for a list of items in the museum. The Machine That Goes *ping* is in The House of the Techno-Discordians, AAD
Techno are at snowgod's beach cottage
Alfvaen and the gravitational monopole are at the Rotating Shed
Karma is at Canines Tattoo Parlour
Antimatter is at The Hollow Log
ThinMan and Mr. Lunatic Fringe are at the Pirate Ship Revenge
Vynd is at the Library