Clerk of the Court's Report

As of Monday, September 29, 1997

This page of recent CFJs is maintained by the Clerk of the Courts. CFJ submissions and verdicts should be sent via private e-mail to Malenkai. Accepting and declining appointments, as well as appeals, can be done via either private or public e-mail. All times are in Acka time. The time in parenthesis after verdicts is the time the verdict must be appealed by, if it is to be appealed. Verdicts not on this page may not be appealed.

CFJ 461 (Paradox): Appeal Verdict due  (Mon Sep 22, 16:41 hrs).

CFJ 465 (Rule numbering): Appeal Verdict due (Fri Oct 03, 10:26 hrs).

E-mail Supreme Court Justice breadbox or Justice mr cwm.

Check out the rules pertaining to CFJs and Judgements.

Check out the CFJ Ineligibility List.

Check out the CFJ's by player for Bronze Torch eligibility.

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