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The Found Treasure Archive lists all Treasures which have already been found.

Treasure 101 (Malenkai, Oct 27, 1996):

I am creating a Treasure that consists of the Crystal Grapefruit , and burying it. I am revealing the following clues and/or portion of the Treasure Map:

The Crystal Grapefruit shall be found by the first player to win 3 different sub-games. For the purposes of this map, a sub game is defined as any of the following: Party Chess, Grab-a-Donkey, any game on the Games & Contest page (except that for an instance of a Games & Contest Page game to count, that instance must have had 3 or more players).

Treasure 104 (snowgod, Oct 31, 1996):

Rently I began recieving anonymous mail. The notes were criptic but they often contained overt threats against my original (I palindrom I) forehead . "Give me A$1,000,0 or your forehead get's it!" they said.

Well, my initial reaction was to ignore the extortionist. After all, how can you harm a forehead? But then my cautious side kicked it... what if they know something i don't? What if they can harm my prized forehead? Just to be on the safe side, I decide to bury my forehead where no one will find it and it can't be harmed.

So I create a treasure map, but being absent minded I immediatly forget almost all of it. All of it except for the bit about how the forehead absolutly cannot be found as long as heretics can become enlightened. The forehead will remain safe until such time as there is no more enlightenment and, umm, I can't remember.

Treasure 117 (Jammer, Jan 02, 1997):

Prize  Model of what might have been Jmmer's Butler

Treasure Map

Treasure 121 (Red Barn, Jan 27, 1997):

I am creating a trinket known henceforth as the Sceptre of Penguin Power, worth A$75, and burying it. The following might or might not have something to do with it:


Treasure 122 (Malenkai, Jan 28, 1997):

I am creating and burying a Treasure consisting of the following entities (worth over A$700):

  • Codex of Jara
  • The Golden Frog
  • An Automatic Sculpture
  • Prophet of the Golden Frog Prosthetic Forehead

    I will reveal a portion of the map shortly, and reveal other fragments to players who express an interest in a manner which should become apparent soon.

    This Treasue has had some Clues and Guesses

    Treasure 128 (fnord, Feb 19, 1997):

    I leave my house, trinkets in hand, ready to join others in the reattachment of houses to our fair Ackanomia, but it appears I am too late. I have spent too much time making trinkets and staring at the writing on the walls. So, I decide to swoop around a bit. Being a former physicist, I decide to fly around the Singularity gazing upon this awe-inspiring sight for a while, but tire of fighting the pull of it, so I rest upon the Tower of Bandwidth.

    To keep myself from looking to see if the second year of the Tower of Bandwidth has started appearing yet, I play with my trinkets, Elves, Elvis and Elwes. They start off okay, but it seems that Elwes and Elves just don't go well with Elvis. To prevent any possibility of my trinkets animating when I'm not looking and destroy each other, I decide to separate them. I lift off from the Tower of Bandwidth, and take to the sky again. I swoop past the Monument to Futility, spiralling around it, unable to enter it.

    I decide that this would be a good location to Place Elvis. I fly around the outside of the Monument, not having permission to enter it. I fly as close to the door to the vault at the base of the tower, and toss my trinket called Elvis inside, figuring that Placing it there is a good idea.

    Flying in such tight circles has gotten me a bit dizzy. I know I put Elves somewhere, I know I buried them as a Treasure, but for the life of me, I can not remember where I put it. I'm sure a Treasure Map for the Elves will show up, or down, eventually. As consolation, I carry Elwes back to my Home.

    Treasure 129 (Jammer, Feb 23, 1997):

    I am buying a Prosthetic Forehead to serve as the prize of my treasure hunt.

    It is call the Great Treasure Finder as it has those words inscribed into in in large letters around it. It is covered with miniatures of all treasure yet found as well as maps with notes and X's and arrows and 8X10 color clossies of Schiermann excavating Troy and well as a handy secret pocket to hide your treasure.

    This Treasue has had some Clues and Guesses

    Treasure 133 (Ackers, Mar 04, 1997):

    I am burying the Tube Top of Kyle Bannor, valued at A$50. May the worthiest soul find it. The following groups of characters and numbers may or may not be a clue to the map:

    0E41 6501 4013 3C61 751F 5084 0443 D609
    40A4 0060 C403 3054 0D40 1500 0030 A0B1
    F2F8 F9F
    7137 E753 7EB5 6ABA F4B0 6C66 147D 221A
    D7FE 44F2 2457 E6DB 9045 70F3 DC2

    This Treasue has had some Clues and Guesses

    Treasure 135 (Calvin N Hobbes, Mar 14, 1997):

    I'm burying this trinket, unused, as a treasure. The treasure map is as follows.


    This Treasue has had some Clues and Guesses

    Treasure 137 (Malenkai, Mar 22, 1997):

    I am burying george (the Silver Key), as a Treasure. The map, which is very simple, will be revealed later.

    I am revealing the following portion of the Silver Key treasure map (treasure 137). Who says all of my treasures are hard? [Note that there is an unrevealed portion, but this portion is true, and no tricks are planned]:

    A player who possesses an entity named 'Earth', at least one gadget, and publically says: "I have at least one gadget, and want to possess, love, hug, and call the silver key george." shall find the silver key treasure.

    Treasure 147 (Habeous Corpus, May 07, 1997):

    I am burying the Wouf Houng(along with an undisclosed second item) and creating a Treasure map showing their location. The entire map, in some form, will be made available publicly on May 16. Any and all Players or Observers of Ackanomic may recieve an advance copy of the map by PRIVATELY send me an accurate description of the Wouf Houng. NOTE: Anyone suffering from snowgod's disease who posts a description of the Wouf Houng to a public forum shall be deemed ineligible to recieve the Treasure, and shall be responsible for an early public release of the map. This will make the offender subject to sneering and public ridicule.

    This Treasue has had some Clues and Guesses

    Treasure 152 (Red Barn, June 02, 1997):

    >>   The Red Barn Treasure will be found by the first player to publically
    >> announce the (correct) ultimate answer to harf, the universe, and
    >> everything.
    The map is the same. Anyone who has a guess, please provide documentation: I don't believe the information is readily available at present. :)

    Treasure 155 (Alfvaen, June 09, 1997):

    I am burying the Lucky Ball And Chain.

    To make some amends to those whom I didn't leave any chance to work on /dev/joe's last treasure, I am also going to submit some stages of my calculations, in a similar form. I will admit that my calculations were much more complex, though, and I'm curious to see if someone will be able to duplicate my results. :-)


    Treasure 164 (Alfvaen, June 13, 1997):

    I am burying this, with the following map:


    This Treasue has had some Clues and Guesses

    Treasure 165 (Lunatic Fringe, June 13, 1997):

    I m burying the add-on as treasure, with a map that is unrevealed, but substantially similar to the map to my vending machie.

    Treasure 166 (Malenkai, June 14, 1997):

    For those of you who have held off on finding the Treasures of Jara, it has paid off. I am upping the ante by burying my Automatic Sculpture as a Treasure.

    The gist of the map is (the actual map is a little more legalese like):

    The first person to frink Right-Handed Grapefruit Juice from Malenkai's Vase shall find this Treasure.

    Treasure 169 (Alfvaen, June 18, 1997):

    Having buried the Exquisite Dead Guy, and finished the Tagline Attribution Quiz, I am now burying the Hubert Feathers and the Five Hundred Misplaced Ackadollars--just cause I got another treasure map idea. I am revealing the following portion of the map:


    Treasure 170 (two-star, June 24, 1997):

    I am burying the Silver Shovel.

    The map to it reads:

    The Silver Shovel shall be found by the first player who has signed the Silver Shovel Contract to find a treasure buried by a custodian or writer of this map.

    Treasure 175 (Karma, July 09, 1997):

    I am burying the "Economy sized bottle of TOBASCULES SAUCE" and give these clues

    {The second month of a Jason year, add thee year up but only one time and the sum of the primes is where it lies.}

    (not part of clue)
    If found and opened what's inside must be announced aloud.

    In case there is gizz the clues are only what's written in these{}

    Treasure 178 (two-star, July 19, 1997):

    I am burying the Curious Clock of Uesticlox, 1PF Voting Gnome, and 2A$. (a *composite* number of entities, it should be noted.) Look for some clues about the map in the next exciting edition of The HTML Standard.

    Posted a few days later:

    We had planned to bring you coverage of the world tromino go
    championships and an exclusive look at the map to the Curious Clock of
    Uesticlox treasure in this issue. Unfortunately, our computer, which has
    been going through a bout of depression due to its impending
    obsolescence, somehow got confused and combined the two. In the hopes
    that someone may be able to extricate one from the other, we are
    publishing the computer's output.
      CA    clcNAECf*T
      aA*tBAAE  bw*U*V
          BUBg    CACi
    $ _
    Just as we were going to press, I accidentally spilled some ink on the
    strange computer output. I apologize if that inconveniences anybody.
    This Treasue has had some Clues and Guesses

    Treasure 179 (Guy Fawkes, August 18, 1997):

    I am burying this Trinket.

    This Treasure shall be found by the first player to submit a non-recursively defined formula for the nth term in the series whose 1st 13 terms are as follows:

    -1307674368000 / 691     (yes, 691 is prime)
    Failing that, this treasure can be found by submitting a non-recursively defined formula for the nth term of the series consisting of the odd-numbered members of the above (720, 30240, 1209600, etc.) although if you can find that, converting it to the first should not be too difficult.

    P.S. I have not found a solution myself, although I am confident one exists. I believed at first it was some sort of combination of factorials, and it probably does contain a few, though the last term there utterly bewilders me (I've checked it three times). The binomial series does have _some_ relation to this, though the transformation may be so horribly complex that the binomial series is a bad starting point. If anyone thinks more terms would be useful, I can calculate a few more (I generate them as part of a much larger problem) though I am beginning to run out of digits on my calculator's mantissa :)

    Treasure 181 (/dev/joe, August 28, 1997):

    I am burying A GAMES T-Shirt as a treasure, with the following map:

    When a player publicly posts the location of a GAMES Magazine Hidden Contest which has never been publicly posted before, and does so at least one week before the end (in New York City) of the day entries are due for that contest, e shall find this treasure. Players are asked to put SPOILER warnings in the subject of such messages so that others who haven't yet given up may keep searching.

    (The 20th anniversary issue now on sale has a hidden contest, which I have not found yet, but if it is typical, I will find it before somebody posts it publicly.)

    Treasure 183 (Alfvaen, September 05, 1997):

    I am burying the Snail Shell as a Treasure. Since I got no response to my questions about a web-based Treasure, I'll just go ahead and do the thing.

    There's this game called Fantasy Billboard which I've been playing for months now. Essentially, what you do is pick ten records(with certain restrictions)from the Billboard Hot 200 album chart(as well as the Heatseeker list, of records outside the Hot 200 that show promise). Then, over the following four weeks, you get points depending on the chart positions of each record, which bonuses for things like a Heatseeker charting, fastest mover, new #1, or entering the top 20/50/100.

    So I am revealing the following portion of the Map to the Snail Shell: The first player to get eir "record company" among the top 50 such companies shall win it. In the event that two players get there in the same week, the higher-scoring one will win.

    To let me know you're playing, email me the name of the record company, so I can watch for it. This won't be limited to the current week's contest, so you can start later, and play more than one concurrently(starting a new one each week, that is; no more than one record label per player will be "official").

    Since the album-choosing page involves frames(and is one of the few that actually makes good use of them, IMHO), anyone whose web browser can't handle them, or who's not on the Web at all: I'll gladly email you a copy of the Rules, and a list of the current 200 albums, on request, and register you myself.

    (I've got two record companies on there, Azpiazu Records and Temple of Azpiazu Records, with my old and new email addresses...they won't count in this game, of course, since I don't want the Goose...)

    The URL for Fantasy Billboard(which is in my Hotlist on my home page) is http://www.mpn.com/bb-tools/dispatch-meta/fantasy?SRC=index.htm

    On October 31st, Alfvaen posed a new URL for the Fantasy Billboard: http://fantasy.billboard.com/

    Treasure 187 (Rex Mundi, October 30, 1997):

    I am burying the Flora Amanita as treasure, and disclosing the following, which may have something to do with the treasure map:
    The first player to post the string *** ****** ***** ******** in a message with the subject "acka: Flora Amanita" will find the Flora Amanita.

    This Treasue has had some Clues and Guesses

    Treasure 190 (Alfvaen, November 22, 1997):

    I am burying the Blarney Stone and The Smoking 'Frop' Pipe as a Treasure, whose map will be revealed shortly.

    Okay, that treasure I buried, with the Blarney Stone and the Smoking 'Frop' Pipe, has a map which is substantially similar to Malenkai's map to his most recent treasure. Yes, it sounded like so much fine that I decided I had to try it as well.

    The rules are slightly different. Basically: all valid entries should be sent to me privately at alfvaen@telusplanet.net, rather than posted to acka-games; only alphanumeric characters will be *'d out; if you find a typo, send in the correct version and I'll change the master list; Magick Characters may only be guessed once a week; and case doesn't matter. Oh, and there's 100 of them.

    The deadline should still be the Winter Solstice, although, like Malenkai, I reserve the right to change the rules at any time. If anyone wants a clarification, let me know.

    Oh, and I've temporarily taken down my web pages that would have had tons of juicy information on them. Don't want it to be too easy, after all...

    Here they are:

    Here's the revised list, with '1' and 'w' filled in:
    1. *h********:*** *** ****
    2. ****** *** *****:******
    3. *h** ***h* ** ******:*****
    4. *****h* ****:********
    5. *h********:*** ***h* *****
    6. ******* H****:****** ** ***h*
    7. **** *******:*h* W******
    8. **** ***h:*h* ********
    9. *******:* ***** ** *h* ****
    10. ******* ****:******* ****
    11. *h* ****** ** W***h:****h****
    12. ** **** *:** **** *
    13. *** ********:******* ** ******
    14. *h* ****h******:********** *** ***
    15. ******* *******:**** *w***
    16. *h** ****** ****:******** *** *h***w
    17. ** **** *:*** *******
    18. ****** ********:****** ****** ****
    19. *h** ***h* ** ******:*******
    20. ***** ******:**********
    21. ***** *******:**** ** ****h
    22. ***h:***** ***** ********
    23. ***:****** ** *h* **************
    24. **:*h* ************* ****
    25. ******:****** ****
    26. *****h****:****h
    27. **** ***h:H***** ** ****
    28. *h********:****** ****
    29. **** *****:******
    30. ***** *** *****:***** **** *h* *** *h***
    31. ***** W**w***:*** ** * *****
    32. *h* ****h*** *****:*** **** ***
    33. *******:************
    34. *****h* ****:***** *** *h* ******
    35. ***h:H*** **** ****
    36. ***** ********:H*****
    37. *** W****:******* ****
    38. *****h* ****:***** ***********
    39. ***:********
    40. *****:****
    41. **** ** ******:**** ** ******
    42. ***** *******:***** ******* *
    43. **** *******:Wh** * W** * ***
    44. *** ***h****:*** *** W****
    45. ***** ***:****** ***** ********(** ********)
    46. *****:**** *** ****
    47. *** *******:***h* *** ***
    48. **-**:*h*w **
    49. *h* ****h*** *****:***w ** ****
    50. *h******* *****:********** ****
    51. ****** **********:****** ****** ****
    52. *h* ************:***
    53. *** *******:*** ** ******
    54. *h* *h*:**** ******
    55. *h* *******:*h* *** ** *******
    56. ****** ********:***********
    57. ****** ******:*w* Wh**** ****
    58. ****** *****:**** * ******
    59. *h** ****** ****:**'** *** ** *****
    60. *h* W********:*h** ** *h* ***
    61. ****** *****:*h**** '*' *******
    62. **** **w**h***:*** *h* **** **w**** H*** *h***** ****
    63. ********** ****:********** ****
    64. *h* W****** $*******:***********
    65. *h* ******* ** H********:**** ****
    66. **** ****w**:*h* *** H***
    67. *h**** *****:*h* **** ****h
    68. **** ** ******:******* ****** ********
    69. **** *******:**** *******
    70. ******* *** *****:* ******** ******
    71. *'***:*'***
    72. **** ** **** ** ****h***:**********
    73. ***** ******:***** **** *** *h***h*
    74. *** **********:**********
    75. H****:********
    76. **** ***h:***** *** ****
    77. **** *****:*********
    78. **** *******:*h* ********* ***
    79. ****** ********:****** H*********
    80. **** *******:****h*** ** ****
    81. **w *****:*********
    82. **********:********* ** *******
    83. ***** *** *** **h* ****:W**** W** **
    84. *** ********:**** ** ****
    85. **** **w**h***:*****
    86. **********:**********
    87. ********* W*******:***. 1
    88. ***** **h*:******** H***
    89. *******:****
    90. ***** ******** *** *h* ***********:****h *h* *****
    91. *-H*:********* ****
    92. ******** W*****:****** **** ********
    93. "*****...": *h* *w** ***** ***** ** ***** ******
    94. ***** *******:********
    95. ******* H****:******** ** *******
    96. ****** ****:**** *h**** *********
    97. **:****** *** H**
    98. ***** ******:**** ***'* *****
    99. ***** ****:***** ** *h* *****
    100. ******** ***:**** ******* ***

    Treasure 191 (Red Barn):

    The treasure contains a Majik called Big-Nosed Kilroy

    The treasure was not in a public message, so the details may or may not be in the ftp archive. Details may also be in CFJ 471.

    Treasure 192 (two-star):

    I am creating a trinket called two-star's soot-covered tome, worth 48 A$
    with the following description, delimited by THESEUS:
    It is a heavy folio written in a strange alphabet known to the ancients
    but lost to modern scholars, thus its contents are perfectly mysterious.
    (Although there is some evidence that at least one section of it
    pertains to the design of hedge mazes.) It is covered in soot and some
    of the pages are singed at the corners.
    There is a strange glyph on the cover, which looks something like:
    * +-@-+
    | | | |
    +-+ * |
    | |   |
    although this crude ASCII representation can hardly do justice to the
    simple elegance of the golden lines embossed on what appears to be some
    sort of lizard skin. A sapphire gleams through a layer of carbon at the
    point denoted by the '@' above. A mirror image of this glyph across the
    main diagonal that crosses the sapphire adorns the back cover.
    I am burying two-star's soot-covered tome along with 5 PF Antimatter, 2
    PF two-star and a BP Chaos. (Hey, those PF Antimatter might be worth
    something if you can find them before the tornado.)
    Legend has it that this book was one of a set, although no trace has
    been found of its companions, and it can only be assumed that they were
    destroyed in the fire that damaged it. If you can discover and
    publically post the glyphs on the covers of the other volumes in the
    set, you will find the soot covered tome. It does not matter whether you
    find the one on the front or back cover, only that you find one glyph
    for each volume. (It may help you to know that it is believed that there
    was a gemstone on each in the same position in the glyph.)
    It is said that if you had but a fraction of the knowlege contained
    within the soot-covered tome, you could find the Curious Clock."
    It is also said that finding it may help you find the Silver Shovel, but
    I hardly needed to tell you that!

    Clues, Riddles, and Guesses

    Note that these are sometimes in random order, since one cannot be certain which Treasure(s) they go with. On the other hand, when a clue, guess, or riddle has been posted, and it is clear which Treasure it goes with, I have put the material under the link at that treasure (e.g. T 111). Look for it there.

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