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Rule 3/0(i) : Definition of Majority
For a given r, an r-majority shall be defined as a function from the positive integers to the positive integers, whose value for an argument N is the smallest integer m such that m is greater than or equal to r multiplied by N. A simple majority shall be defined as an (N+1)/(2N)-majority.
0. Created immutable by Administrative Review, 23 July 1998
Rule 104/0(i) : Voting and Adoption of Rules
All rule-changes proposed in the proper way shall be voted on. They will be adopted if and only if they receive the required number of votes.
0. Initial Immutable Rule, 12 March 1998
Rule 105/2(i) : Franchise
Every Player not in Limbo is an eligible voter.
0. Initial Immutable Rule, 12 March 1998
1. Altered by Administrative Review, 21 July 1998
2. Altered by Administrative Review, 26 October 1998

Rule 109/2(i) : Transmutation of Rules
Rule-changes that transmute immutable rules into mutable rules, or mutable rules into immutable rules, may be adopted if and only if the vote is unanimous among the non-neutral voters. Transmutation shall not be implied, but must be stated explicitly in a proposal to take effect.
0. Initial Immutable Rule, 12 March 1998
0. Clarified by Judgment 7, 4 May 1998
1. Altered by Administrative Review, 21 July 1998
2. Altered by Administrative Review, 26 October 1998

Rule 203/1(m) : Necessary Votes for Rule Changes
A proposal will become a rule if it receives a simple majority of the total non-neutral votes. This rule defers to all other rules.
0. Initial Mutable Rule, 12 March 1998
1. Combined with Rule 306/0 by Administrative Review, 21 July 1998

Rule 207/0(m) : One Vote
Each player always has exactly one vote.
0. Initial Mutable Rule, 12 March 1998
Rule 305/2(m) : Abstentions
When the votes cast are considered, only votes equivalent to "yes" or "no" are counted toward the passage or failure of a proposal. Abstention and automatic abstention votes are considered neutral.
0. Created by Proposal 305, 21 April 1998
1. Altered by Administrative Review, 21 July 1998
2. Amended by Proposal 423, 25 January 1999

Rule 307/4(m) : Quorum
A quorum for Proposal voting purposes is a simple majority of eligible vote-casting entities.

If a quorum has not cast votes by the end of a Proposal voting period, the Proposals whichg were up for voting neither pass nor fail, but are held over for the next turn and remain active.

Vote-casting entities eligible but failing to cast votes during the voting period shall have their votes recorded as automatic abstentions.

0. Created by Proposal 307, 27 April 1998
1. Altered by Administrative Review, 21 July 1998
2. Amended by Rule 315/0, 26 September 1998
2. Clarified by Judgment 43, 13 December 1998
3. Amended by Proposal 436, 4 February 1999
4. Amended by Proposal 548, 26 July 1999

Rule 323/1(m) : Absentee Voting
A Player may submit a ballot in advance of the voting period in absentee. The Player must take reasonable measures to notify the rest of the Players that The Player is voting in absentee. The Player shall submit a current ballot to the auditor, which will be considered to be submitted during the voting period. On each proposal under consideration, the Player may explicitly state whether the Player's vote shall remain the same or change to the opposite opinion if the proposal is changed after submission of the ballot. If this is not explicitly stated under the circumstances of a changed proposal, it shall by default be changed to an abstention.
0. Created by Proposal 323, 6 October 1998
1. Amended by Proposal 496, 3 May 1999

Rule 384/2(m) : Osborn's Demon
There exists a homunculus, hereafter known as Osborn's Demon, who is an eligible voter only during proposal voting.

Osborn's Demon shall vote with the Player or a plurality of the group of Players having the minimal score among eligible voters, or auto-abstain if no such plurality exists.

It Osborn's Demon has voted with a single Player more than five times consecutively and said Player has a nonnegative score at no time during those five turns, e is excluded from consideration in the above voting method until e has a nonnegative score at the time the Demon's votes are determined.

This rule takes precedence over all rules concerned with voting.

Osborne's Demon is a playerlike entity.

0. Created by Proposal 384, 5 January 1999
1. Amended by Proposal 532, 6 July 1999
2. Amended by Proposal 533, 6 July 1999

Rule 396/0(m) : Confidence Votes
Any player may call for a Vote of Confidence on any elected Official at any time except a) during an election to fill the Office in question, and b) during another Vote of Confidence on the same Official. Votes of Confidence are conducted using standard Proposal voting procedures.

If a simple majority of votes cast are negative, the Players have lost confidence in the Officeholder and an election is immediately called to fill the elected Office.

0. Created by Proposal 396, 5 January 1999
Rule 465/0(m) : Secret Ballot
All Eligible Voters may cast votes on current Proposals by sending eir votes in an email to the Administrator.
0. Created by Proposal 465, 3 April 1999
Rule 466/5(m) : UPCs and the GRAND PRIZE
A Player receives one UPC for each failed Proposal for which e voted favorably but did not propose. UPCs are distributed at the appointed time for proposal scoring.

UPCs may be traded among Players in integer units, though no Player may ever have less than zero UPCs. Players may turn in their UPCs with their ballot upon voting for Proposals. UPCs that are turned in are fed to Osborn's Demon, this causes them to be destroyed just after the voting resolves.

The GRAND PRIZE is an eligible voter. If no UPCs are turned in, there is no GRAND PRIZE for that ballot.

The GRAND PRIZE votes the same as the Player who turned in the most UPCs.

If no Player turns in more UPCs than all the other Players, the GRAND PRIZE shall vote as do a plurality of the Players turning in equally the most UPCs.

If there is no plurality, the GRAND PRIZE does not vote for that ballot and all players recieve eir UPCs back on that proposal before Osborn's Demon can consume them.

The GRAND PRIZE votes an infinitesimal amount of time before proposal voting resolves.

[[Void where prohibited. Available while supplies last. Not available in Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico. Participation may vary. Check stores for details.]]

The Grand Prize is a playerlike entity.

0. Created by Proposal 466, 3 April 1999
1. Self-amended, 3 April 1999
2. Amended by Proposal 509, 15 May 1999
2. Clarified by Judgment 86, 25 May 1999
3. Amended by Proposal 521, 16 June 1999
4. Amended by Proposal 531, 6 July 1999
5. Amended by Proposal 533, 6 July 1999

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