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Rule 318/2(m) : GWIB Definition and Protocol
I. Definition of a GWIB

A. A Game-Within-Berserker (hereafter, GWIB) shall be defined as a structure within the game of Berserker Nomic in which any Berserker player may participate by publicly indicating a desire to do so.

B. Each GWIB shall be defined by a GWIB Specification.

C. Specifications carry the force of rules for the participating players. Players implicitly agree to follow the specification when they join the GWIB.

D. Each GWIB instance shall be administered by a Game Master.

II. GWIB Specifications, Announcement method

A. Any player may create a GWIB Specification by publicly announcing the GWIB's name, procedures for play, and conditions for winning in accordance with the rules.

B. When a GWIB created by Announcement ends, it must distribute all of the Subers it holds among its participants as specified by the GWIB's rules.

C. The Game Master of a GWIB created by Announcement must specify the allowable range of Subers paid to the GWIB and the method for their distribution at the time the GWIB instance begins.

III. GWIB Specifications, Approval method

A. Any player may also create a GWIB Specification by offering the name, procedure for play, conditions for winning, and other details as an informal proposal.

B. A GWIB Specification is considered approved if it receives a 2/3 majority of favorable votes.

C. GWIBs created by Approval may leave variables open to be specified by the Game Master of each particular instance. These variables must by given a value by the Game Master at the time the GWIB instance begins, and must conform to the guidelines approved in the Specification.

IV. Limits on GWIB Specifications

A. A GWIB cannot create, destroy, or modify rules.

B. A GWIB cannot in any way interfere with or modify the voting and judging procedures of Berserker Nomic; explicitly, a player may not be awarded votes, denied votes, or forced to vote in a certain manner based on a GWIB; nor may a player be forced to judge a statement in a specific way based on a GWIB.

C. A GWIB created by Announcement cannot create or destroy points. A GWIB created by Approval may create or destroy points only in the manner approved in its Specification.

D. At any time, an existing GWIB specification may be declared invalid if a. It is not in accordance with the rules of Berserker Nomic. b. It is rendered invalid by an informal proposal passed by a 2/3 majority. If an instance of the invalid GWIB is in progress, the GWIB stops and no points are awarded, exchanged, or destroyed.

V. Game Masters

A. An instance of a GWIB begins when a player publicly indicates a desire to be a Game Master of a GWIB. This GWIB must be defined by an existing GWIB Specification. Other Berserker players may join the GWIB by publicly declaring their desire to do so.

B. At the time a player indicates desire to be a Game Master, s/he may specify a maximum number of players allowed, and may explicitly include or exclude specific players. Each explicitly of the included players, if any, must still publicly declare their desire to play.

C. An instance of a GWIB ends when the conditions for winning are met by one or more players. The Game Master must publicly announce the results of the GWIB instance within 24 hours of the game's end.

D. Scoring and logistics are handled by the Game Master. Players implicitly agree to allow the GWIB to be administered by the Game Master when they join the GWIB.

0. Created by Proposal 318, 6 October 1998
0. Clarified by Judgment 39, 8 November 1998
0. Clarified by Judgment 40, 9 November 1998
1. Amended by Rule 348/0, 1 December 1998
2. Amended by Proposal 350, 1 December 1998

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