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Rule 399/3(m) : Property and Auctions
Property is any game-defined object that is both ownable and tradable. Only Players and the game may possess property. Public property consists of property owned by Berserker Nomic rather than any individual Player.

Auctions may be held to sell property. Players wishing to bid on auctioned property must submit bids within 48 hours of the start of the auction. A Player's total bids may not exceed eir total available funds at the time the bids are placed.

Possession of auctioned property is transferred to the highest bidder and the higest bidder's payment to the Treasury upon the closing of the auction. In the event that a bidder does not have sufficient funds to cover eir winning bids, e must withdraw bids of eir choice until avialable funds cover eir remaining winning bids. If a bid is withdrawn, it is not considered in determining the highest bid.

Any game entity may auction any or all of its property at any time, and may set the starting price. If a starting price is not specified, the starting price will be 0.01 Subers.

0. Created by Proposal 399, 15 January 1999
1. Self-amended, 15 January 1999
2. Amended by Proposal 440, 4 February 1999
3. Self-amended, 4 February 1999

Rule 400/1(m) : The Treasury
The Treasury holds all public property and funds, including, but not limited to the set {proceeds collected from fines, taxes, tariffs}, and the creation of new Subers. Upon the passage of a Proposal altering the holdings of the Treasury, the set of holdings shall amend itself to reflect the changes.

The Treasury may not go into debt, but will instead issue more Subers to cover the game's expenses.

0. Created by Proposal 400, 15 January 1999
1. Amended by Proposal 470, 13 April 1999

Rule 418/0(m) : Forfeit of Property
Upon eir forfeit, a departing player's property and Subers are donated to the Treasury.
0. Created by Proposal 418, 25 January 1999
Rule 472/1(m) : Stark Fist of Removal
The Stark Fist of Removal is an entity that, immediately upon the reduction of a Player's slack to less than zero (0), smites said Player.

A smitten Player is prohibited from being the Recipient of eir own slack transfers.

If ever a smitten Player's slack is greater than zero, that player ceases to be smitten.

0. Created by Proposal 473, 13 April 1999
0. Clarified by Judgment 74, 13 April 1999
0. Numbered by Administrative fiat, 13 April 1999
0. Clarified by Judgment 73, 16 April 1999
1. Amended by Proposal 506, 15 May 1999

Rule 473/3(m) : Slack and Pinkness
Slack is a player attribute. Each Player begins the game with 20 slack. Players that enter the game after it has officially started receive 20 slack.

A Player may transfer slack from one Player, hereafter known as the Victim, to another player, hereafter known as the Recipient. Slack may only be transferred between Players in the amount of one unit per transfer. Each Player may make only one slack transfer per turn.

Players possessing less than five (5) slack must be referred to in all list correspondence as a "pink," or some variation thereof. [[E.g., Josh is a pink.]]

Only Players may possess slack.

0. Created by Proposal 473, 13 April 1999
0. Clarified by Judgment 73, 16 April 1999
1. Amended by Proposal 476, 23 April 1999
2. Amended by Proposal 508, 15 May 1999
3. Amended by Proposal 567, 4 October 1999

Rule 499/0(m) : Thelma Charity Fund
There shall be an entity in Beserker Nomic known as the Thelma Charity Fund. Players may donate any item [[slack, UPC, Subers]] that they are in possession of to the Fund. This donation may be made at any time, except during the voting period. They may donate any non-negative amount to a maximum of 25% of the items or property. After the voting period has ended, but prior to the beginning of the next turn, the administrator will distribute all items and property within the Fund as follows:

1) The Player with the least amount of that particular item will receive the entire amount of those items in the Fund.

2) If there are two or more Players tied for the least amount of a particular item, then the administrator will split it evenly between the qualifying Players, with any leftovers remaining in the Fund.

3) Unique items may not be donated to the Fund.

0. Created by Proposal 499, 15 May 1999
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