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Rule 112/0(i) : Winning
The state of affairs that constitutes winning may not be altered from achieving n points to any other state of affairs. The magnitude of n and the means of earning points may be changed, and rules that establish a winner when play cannot continue may be enacted and (while they are mutable) be amended or repealed.
0. Initial Immutable Rule, 12 March 1998
Rule 208/2(m) : Winning by Points
The winner is the first Player to achieve 500 (positive) points.
0. Initial Mutable Rule, 12 March 1998
1. Altered by Administrative Review, 21 July 1998
2. Amended by Rule 410/0, 15 January 1999

Rule 213/0(m) : Winning through Impossibility of Further Play
If the rules are changed so that further play is impossible, or if the legality of a move cannot be determined with finality, or if by the Judge's best reasoning, not overruled, a move appears equally legal and illegal, then the first player unable to complete a turn is the winner.

This rule takes precedence over every other rule determining the winner.

0. Initial Mutable Rule, 12 March 1998
Rule 317/2(m) : Game Reset Following a Win
Upon a Player being declared the Winner other than through the impossibility of further play, that Player is credited with a Win, all non-Win Player attributes including scores are reset to their initial states as appropriate, and play continues.
0. Created by Proposal 317, 6 October 1998
1. Amended by Proposal 353, 1 December 1998
2. Amended by Proposal 387, 5 January 1999

Rule 354/0(m) : Wins and All-Time Standings
The Player attribute "Wins" is the total number of individual games won by the corresponding player, including games of Berserker Nomic, Berserker Nomic's direct predecessors, or later incarnations of Berserker Nomic that contain this rule.

The list of all former Players who have Wins greater than zero and all current Players along with each of these Players' corresponding Wins is the All-Time Berserker Standings. The All-Time Berserker Standings shall be ordered by descending Wins. All ties will be noted as such.

0. Created by Proposal 354, 1 December 1998
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