The Rules of Ackanomic: 600s

Rule 600/6
Winning Conditions
Alfvaen (Aaron Humphrey)

A player may only achieve a Winning Condition as described in the Rules. If any Rule besides this one, Rule 601, Rule 603, Rule 620, and Rule 666, refers to a player winning a Cycle, this shall be considered to be achieving a Winning Condition, and will not result in an actual Cycle win except as described by this Rule. A player cannot achieve a Winning Condition while e holds the Chartreuse Goose.

If a player believes emself to have achieved a Winning Condition, then e should submit a CFJ whose statement alleges that e has achieved a Winning Condition during the current Cycle. The rest of the CFJ should describe how the player thinks e has achieved a Winning Condition. (Such CFJ's, and only such CFJ's, are known as Cycle-Win CFJ's.)

When it ceases to be legal to appeal a particular Cycle-Win CFJ, if the final verdict is true, and the player who submitted the CFJ is a voting player at that time, then that player wins the cycle.

A Cycle Win CFJ shall be judged INVALID if the Scorekeeper has judged its author to have achieved a Winning Condition within the last 3 days, and no-one has yet objected to the Scorekeeper's announcement.

This rule takes precedence over all rules which mention winning a cycle where there is a conflict. This is true even if that player holds the Chartreuse Goose, as long as e did not do so when the Winning Condition was achieved.

Only Cycle-Win CFJs and Paradox Win CFJs are Winning Condition CFJs.

Rule 601/8
Winning By Paradox

A Call for Judgement whose statement alleges that changing the rules is impossible, or that a player action which would affect the game state appears equally legal and illegal is a "Paradox Win CFJ." Only those CFJs so specified by the rules are Paradox Win CFJs. When it ceases to be legal to appeal a particular Paradox Win CFJ, if the final verdict is true, and the player who submitted the CFJ is a voting player at that time, then that player wins the cycle. This takes precedence over Rule 600.

Rule 603/23
Winning by Points

Points are entities. It is possible for a Player to have a negative number of points.

The number of points a Player has is commonly referred to as his or her score; when it is specified that a Player's score is changed, the appropriate number of points are created or destroyed in order to accomplish the specified change.

The Magic Number is the number of points needed to win a cycle by points. The base value of the Magic Number is 379. The Magic Number, and its base value, may only be changed as specified by the rules.

A player achieves a Winning Condition at the instant their number of points first reaches or exceeds the Magic Number in any given Cycle, provided that no one else has previously had a score reach or exceed the Magic Number during that cycle. In addition to the process outlined in Rule 600, it is also possible for a player(other than the Scorekeeper) to win the Cycle if the Scorekeeper declares em to have satisfied the above condition. If no player objects to the Scorekeeper's announcement within three days, then the above-mentioned player wins the Cycle. (Otherwise, the player may still resort to CWCFJ as outlined in Rule 600.)

If two or more voting players reach the Magic Number at exactly the same time, as determined by the Scorekeeper, the Magic Number shall be increased by 100, or to 11 points above the highest player score, whichever is greater. None of the players shall achieve a Winning Condition at that time.

If two or more voting players reach the Magic Number at substantially the same time, and the Scorekeeper, in a good faith attempt, cannot determine which of the players reached it first, then the players are deemed to have reached the Magic Number at exactly the same time, and the preceding paragraph shall apply. Making this determination is a duty of the Scorekeeper.

Rule 605/9
Winning is Inherently Amusing (or Winning by Palindrome)
mr cwm (Eric Murray)

Upon each creation, via Proposal, of a Rule fulfilling all three of the following conditions:

(1) the Rule has a game effect in addition to its own addition to the Ackanomic Rule Set and any effect claimed under this Rule.

(2) each word in the Rule exists either in the Ackanomic Rule Set previous to the creation of the Rule, or in the Official Dictionary, provided that such dictionary exists and is not under the control of any Player.

(3) the text of the Rule is palindromic, that is, the text of the Rule would be the same, character by character, forward and backward if all alphabetic characters were lower-case, and anything other than alphabetic characters and numeric digits was removed.

the Player who submitted the Proposal that created the Rule shall:

(1) achieve a Winning Condition, if the Proposal which created the rule was non-Modest. This win, if it occurs, shall occur immediately after the score changes as a result of the Proposal being accepted are applied.

(2) receive the honorific title "Sage o' Doe Gas" to hold until such time as another Player achieves that title under this Rule.

Rule 607/2
Winning by Agenda
two-star (Alexandre Muniz)

If a voting player owns at least three Agenda Hats, and it is publicly knowable that the condition for each Agenda Hat e owns is true, and that player's score is greater than or equal to the sum of the weights of all of the agenda hats e owns, then the following will occur:

a) E will receive the title of Agent of KAOS. Any other player with this title loses it.
b) The owner of any Nemesis Eggplant with a condition that is the same as the condition of an agenda hat owned by the Agent of KAOS must pay 40 A$ to the Agent of KAOS.
c) All Agenda hats owned by the Agent of KAOS and all Nemesis eggplants with corresponding conditions are destroyed
d) The Agent of KAOS achieves a Winning Condition.
e) The Agent of KAOS has three days from when eir Cycle-Win CFJ becomes unappealable to publicly announce eir desire to be Illuminatus. If they do so the current Illuminatus is removed from office and the Agent of KAOS becomes the new Illuminatus. Otherwise the office of Illuminatus becomes vacant.

Additionally, any player who had owned a Nemesis Eggplant that was destroyed as above has eir score reset to -40 rather than 0 when scores are reset at the start of the next cycle. [See Rule 666]

Rule 611/7
Le Grand Fromage
The Gingham Wearer (Tom Walmsley)

There exists a type of non-tradable entities known as cheeses. There are five varieties of cheeses. These are:

1. Stilton
2. Cheddar
3. Edam
4. Brie
5. Gouda

At any point any player may own at most one of each variety of cheese. If a player owns more than one of any given variety of cheese then all but one of them are destroyed. If ever a voting player owns one of each type of cheese then e will achieve a Winning Condition. If anyone wins a Cycle by this method then all cheeses are destroyed at the end of that Cycle.

A player may gain a cheese only by doing the following. If e does so the e is automatically given a cheese of the correct type.

A player receives a stilton if e the ten most recent proposals e authored for which valid voting results have been released were all accepted.

A player receives a cheddar if e has had three harfy proposals accepted since the adoption of this rule, or the most recent destruction of a cheese of this type belonging to this player; whichever is the most recent.

A player receives an edam if e has held five offices (not including Capital Offices) since the adoption of this rule, or the most recent destruction of a cheese of this type belonging to this player, or the players most recent impeachment; whichever is the most recent.

A player receives a gouda if e wins a game of grab a donkey, wins a game of party chess or wins three games from the games and contest containing five or more players (starting from the instant this rule is adopted or the time a cheese of this type belonging to this player as destroyed; whichever is more recent).

Rule 615/0
Win By World Domination
Slakko (Duncan Richer)

If a single Player (A) is Overlord of more than 60% of all Active Players, then Player (A) achieves a Winning Condition, provided that Player (A) did not win the previous Cycle by achieving a Winning Condition under the provisions of this rule. Player (A) also receives the title of Small Lab Mouse, if e does not already have it.

If anyone wins a Cycle by this method, then at the end of that Cycle all Thrall Attributes are set to "".

Rule 620/17
Chartreuse Goose
Malenkai (Randy Hall)

Let a unique, nontradeable, non-mimsy entity exist named the Chartreuse Goose.

A player who possesses the Chartreuse Goose may not win the Cycle except as specified under Rule 600. This clause takes precedence over any other rule which establishes winning conditions.

The player possessing the Chartreuse Goose is responsible for feeding it. At such time that officers' salaries are paid, The Standard Harfer Fee shall be deducted from the account of the player then possessing the Chartreuse Goose, if such a player exists. He may post a public message describing exactly what he has fed the Goose. Otherwise, it shall be assumed that the Goose has eaten grass, much like cows eat grass. If this payment would force a player to go into debt, the Standard Harfer Fee is not paid, but instead the Goose becomes grumpy and bites its owner, inflicting a 9-point penalty.

Once per calendar week, the Goose-holder may spend the Standard Harfer Fee to treat the Goose to some luxury (feather preening, an extra-large meal, a trip to the movies, etc.). If he does so, the Goose has a 10% chance of taking pity on its owner and flying Somewhere Else. Whether or not the goose flies away is determined by the officer in charge of random things.

The Chartreuse Goose (hereafter called "Goose") is transferred as specified below. Other rules may specify other ways for it to be transferred.

Conditions upon which the Goose is transferred:

1) Upon a verdict of other than TRUE on a Winning Condition CFJ, the initiator of the CFJ receives the Goose from wherever it is. If the initiator already has the Goose, however, they shall transfer an A$60 court fee to the Clerk of the Court.

2) Upon a verdict on a Winning Condition CFJ being overturned to TRUE, the Goose goes Somewhere Else, if and only if the player possessing it was the initiator of the CFJ in question. If this judgement is not overruled, then the player who called for judgement is declared the winner of the cycle; the win occurring at the time it becomes illegal to appeal the CFJ under the current rules.

Each of the following may be performed as a public action. Each of these actions will fail if it is attempted between the time a Winning Condition CFJ submitted by the Goose owner is publically knowable to have been judged TRUE, and the last instant that CFJ may legally be appealed.

3) A player who possesses the Goose and has done so for at least 7 days may pay A$200 to the Treasury and cause it to go Somewhere Else.

4) A player who possesses the Goose and has done so for at least 30 days may pay A$75 to the Treasury and transfer the Goose to the single active player with the lowest score. The player receiving the Goose receives A$75 from the Treasury. This option is not available if more than one active player has the lowest score. The receiving player may not decline the transfer.

5) A player who possesses the Goose may pay A$350 to the Treasury and transfer it to any other active player of their choice. The receiving player may not decline the transfer.

6) A player possessing a Chartreuse Goose Egg may take the Goose off the hands of any player who possesses it, provided the Goose owner agrees to the transaction, and pays a mutually agreed upon amount of currency (of at least A$50) to the Treasury. The Egg owner will receive from the Treasury the same amount that the Goose owner payed in, as compensation.

7) Upon a player who possesses the Goose achieving any of the following titles, the Goose is transferred Somewhere Else: Commander of the Blue Cross, Officer of the Blue Cross, Sage o'Doe Gas, Agent of KAOS, Angry Villager. If the event which granted one of these titles also would have established a winning condition had the player not had the Goose, this transfer is deemed to have occurred an infinitesimal amount of time after that event.

Rule 666/32
End of Cycle
pTang1001001sos (Mark Nau)

Upon a Cycle being won as described by Rule 600 or 601, the following steps occur, in order:

a) Ackanomic play is suspended.

b) All Chartreuse Goose Eggs, Right-Handed Grapefruit and Agenda Hats that are not being worn are destroyed. All Nemesis Eggplants with the same condition as an Agenda Hat that was destroyed in this manner are destroyed.

c) The winner is given the title of winner of the cycle, and a Right-Handed Grapefruit and a Champion's Cloak are created in that player's possession. If this results in his having two Champion's Cloaks, one of them is instantly transformed into a Badge of Glory.

d) All players who have zero or fewer points are given a Chartreuse Goose Egg.

e) If the amount of A$s in circulation plus the value of all extant Trinkets exceeded the amount in the Treasury at the time this winner was declared, the following shall occur:

i) Excluding the winner, all entities with a Total Wealth greater than zero shall transfer 10% of eir Total Wealth to the Treasury.

ii) All entities with a Total Wealth greater than zero, shall be placed on The List in decreasing order of Total Wealth.

iii) The entity appearing highest on The List, shall transfer 5% of eir total wealth to the player lowest on The List and both entities shall be removed from The List.

iv) If there are at least two entities and at least one player are still on The List step iii is repeated.

f) Each Player is awarded A$ equal to his point total.

g) Each player's score is set to zero.

h) If the cycle currently ending has exceeded 30 days in length, all players who have been vacationing for the entire cycle are removed from the game as if they have quit.

i) If the cycle was won by points (i.e. the Winning Condition was due to Rule 603), then amend Rule 603 to change the base value of the Magic Number to the smallest prime number greater than (the current Magic Number*1.2). If the last two cycles were not won by points, then amend Rule 603 to change the base value of the Magic Number to the smallest prime number greater than (the current Magic Number*0.9).

j) The game cycle number is incremented, and the Magic Number is reset to its base value.

k) All players who are in Gaol are released from Gaol. All players who are in the Ackanomic Afterlife are relocated to their homes.

l) If the game state is such that the single winner of the last cycle would immediately win again upon the resumption of Ackanomic play, the Chartreuse Goose is transferred to that player.

m) All events specified by other rules to occur at the end of the cycle occur, in the numeric order of the rule that defines the event [see rules 593, 611 and 670].

n) Ackanomic play resumes.

Rule 667/8
Fat Lady
snowgod (Phil Ackley)

The unique, unownable, entity known as the Fat Lady exists.

The Fat Lady shall sing only if a player wins a Cycle. The Speaker is required to announce that the Fat Lady is singing within a reasonable time of a winner being declared, and the Fat Lady will not sing until the Speaker announces that she is doing so.

The Fat Lady's singing will endure for exactly one day, or until any player publically posts an original limerick politely asking her to stop, whichever comes first.

Any player who possesses both the Great Trombone of Ackanomia, and the Great Tuba of Ackanomia, may accompany her, provided they publically post an original lyrical composition of 8 or more lines while she is singing, for her to sing, and provided they were not the player who most recently accompanied her as described in this rule. Upon doing so, a Bonus Vote shall be created and transferred to the player. It is considered good form for the song to contain at least one truly deplorable pun.

Rule 668/4
Eggs and Fruit
ThinMan (John Bollinger)

A Chartreuse Goose Egg is a nameless, tradeable entity. A player who owns a Chartreuse Goose Egg may reduce his own score to zero at any time by informing the Scorekeeper that he is doing so, provided that his score is greater than zero. Chartreuse Goose Eggs have no other power.

The Right-Handed Grapefruit is a unique, nontradeable entity. A player who owns a Right-Handed Grapefruit may at any time make Right-Handed Grapefruit Juice (a tradeable, potable entity; the action of frinking it destroys it).

Rule 669/3
Marks of the Champion
Guy Fawkes (Robert Shimmin)

Champion's Cloaks and Badges of Glory are nontradeable entities. Champion's Cloaks are Garments.

A Champion's Cloak is a regal garment of the color(s) and design of its owner's choice, while Badges of Glory are elaborate medals of various designs. (It is customary, though not required, for the owner of either of these entities to describe it within 3 days of acquiring it.)

A player may request to be called, "Exalted One," or the honorific of his choice while he wears any of these objects. It is not necessary to honor such requests.

Rule 670/10
Commission d'Arts
Malenkai (Randy Hall)

1) Upon the end of a cycle which exceeded 30 days in length, or as otherwise directed by the rules, The "Commission d'Arts" (Commission) shall begin session, which shall last for 7 days. The Senators shall be the Commissioners, thus composing this body. Exception: The Commission shall not be called if it has been less than 60 days since any previous one has been called.

2) The Commission (as represented by one of its members) shall publically post a report listing 4 Silver Moon Nominees, which the Commission decided on using the standard procedures for Senatorial decision making. A Nominee must be a work of art from Acka's past, such as a Silly Vacation Hat description, Phoebe post, Gaoler poem, Prosthetic Forehead, etc. Rules, Proposals, and other written works are also permissible, but are discouraged as Nominees, unless they are truly meritorious. One constraint is that the Nominee must be publically accessible from a web page maintained by the Web-Harfer. Material created by non-active players is discouraged as a Nominee.

3) Each Nominee in a given report must be unique, but Nominees from a previous report may appear on the current one, except that no Nominee which previously won a vote under this rule may be a Nominee again.

4) If the Commission fails to produce a report in accordance with this rule, then all the Commissioners who did not vote in favor of any proposed report are placed in Contempt. All other Commissioners are fined 2 points.

5) Upon the issuance of the report, a Hearing is called. The valid responses are the Nominees, as listed in the Commission's report. The winning Nominee is the Nominee indicated by the verdict of the Hearing (if any).

6) Upon a winning Nominee being announced, the author (or player who originally posted the material, in the case of something like Phoebe's wisdom) of the material is awarded a Silver Moon, and a cash prize of A$75, if they are a player.

7) The Silver Moon recipient, if an active player, is required to make an acceptance speech, not to exceed 10,000 words, unless they are in Gaol, in which case they will be represented by a cardboard cutout on wheels, which will lower the whole tone of the occasion, and they will lose 5 points for detracting from the festivities (although they still receive the above awards, of course).

8) It is a duty of the Web-Harfer to so note on the web pages which material has won a Silver Moon for its recipient.

9) Silver Moons are non-tradeable entities. They may only be created and awarded in accordance with the Rules. When one is required for this occasion, it is made by the Frobozz Magic Medal Company, Ackanomic Division.

Rule 671/3
Nemesis Eggplants and Agenda Hats
two-star (Alexandre Muniz)

Nemesis Eggplants are ownable Entities. Each Nemesis Eggplant has a condition associated with it.

Agenda Hats are ownable Headwear. Each Agenda Hat has a condition and a weight (which must be an integer,) associated with it. No player may own an agenda hat with a condition e authored or for which e owns corresponding Nemesis Eggplant. Agenda hats may be Silly as described by the rules. They may be either visible or hidden, (but not both.) The owner of a hidden Agenda Hat may make it visible by publicly posting the condition associated with it. Visible Agenda Hats are tradable. Only visible Agenda Hats may be worn. No player may wear more than three Agenda Hats at any given time. The author of an Agenda Hat's condition may publicly post a description of that Agenda Hat.

If player who is wearing a Silly Agenda Hat posts a public message that does not contain the words, "wearing a Silly Agenda Hat," that Silly Agenda Hat falls off and is no longer being worn.

If the owner of a Nemesis Eggplant is ever On Ice, then all of eir Nemesis Eggplants are randomly redistributed. These Eggplants shall go, if possible, to players who own one or two Nemesis Eggplants; if not, they shall go to players who own no Nemesis Eggplants. If there are no such players, then the Nemesis Eggplants are destroyed, as well as their corresponding Agenda Hats.

If the owner of an Agenda Hat is ever On Ice, then all of eir Agenda Hats shall be transferred to the Mad Hatters.

Rule 675/2
Mercury Poisoning
Slakko (Duncan Richer)

The Mad Hatters is an Organization. It is permitted to own and trade A$ and Agenda Hats. The Mad Hatters at all times owns a More Than Human. Beep, Blip and Bonk are three unownable entities. Beep, Blip and Bonk become members of the Mad Hatters, if they are not currently members. Beep, Blip and Bonk always have eir support proxied to The Mad Hatters. Beep, Blip and Bonk may express eir consent in the Public Forum by a message from the Illuminatus which indicates the consent of Beep, Blip and/or Bonk.

The Mad Hatters automatically approve any trade that satisfies one or more of the following forms, provided that the trade is possible:
1) A player trades a Visible Agenda Hat to the Mad Hatters in exchange for A$1.
2) A player trades A$10 to the Mad Hatters in exchange for a Visible Agenda Hat, and the player involved in the trade was not the last player to trade this particular Agenda Hat to the Mad Hatters.

If the Mad Hatters have been in possession of a given Visible Agenda Hat for more than 7 days, and a player points this fact out, then that Visible Agenda Hat and its complementary Nemesis Eggplant are destroyed.

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