State of Crisis Resolution Document Archive (101-present)

Crisis Resolution Document 101 - Thu, 11 Dec 1997 13:11:30
Alfvaen (Aaron Humphrey)
Result: accepted

Create a new rule numbered 100, titled "President Alfvaen Will Save Us!", with the following text:

This rule has precedence over all rules except that it defers to 101.

The game state is adjusted, retroactively if necessary, as if proposal 2439 was not accepted.

Then, the rule changes described in proposal 2439 are applied.

Then, the following rule change is applied:

Rule 506 is amended as follows:

Append to the first paragraph the following text(delimited by FIX):

Trinkets always have a positive, integral value in A$; this takes precedence over all other rules. The value of a Trinket may only be changed as specified by the rules.

If it is the case that no player got any points from the passage of Proposal 2439, then score changes are applied as if the Proposal had passed with voting results as reported earlier for it by the Tabulator.

Proposal 2488 is removed from the voting queue(with no penalty to breadbox). [ It is now redundant. ]

Then, A$50000 is transferred to breadbox from the treasury.

[ Obviously, the loophole that was left, inadvertently, by the passage of Proposal 2439, was troublesome. breadbox, as the discoverer of said loophole, is certainly welcome to surf it as necessary to make it clear. It seems against the spirit of the game of Nomic, however, for others to take advantage of it, all rushing to jump on the bandwagon in an attempt to perturb the game state further and further away from anything rational.

Further, the situation is very much in the nature of a Hubert; those who happened to see breadbox's initial action first took advantage of it as well, while those who saw it later tended to, out of deference to the fine Officers who make it possible for them to play, hold back. Should some be rewarded for a chance of timing, while others penalized for consideration for other players? Of course not.

So, this document is intended to remove all the effects that might have resulted from the loophole's being left open, while rewarding breadbox for having spotted it. (If he had reported it to the appropriate authorities privately without taking advantage of it, then perhaps a lot of fuss would have been avoided, of course...:-)

The State of Crisis rule is being used because, with the effects on the game state that have already taken place, it seems undesirable to wait a week for Proposal 2488, which would plug the hole, to make its way through the queue. Also, making the change retroactive will nullify the deleterious effects that had already taken place.

You have shown your confidence in me by voting me in, in overwhelming numbers. I urge you not to protest this document, unless you find a genuine flaw in it, because the sooner this is fixed, the better. Further, I urge you all not to exploit the loophole any further. It is for your own sake--to make a better Ackanomic for us all to live in. Or at least play in.

Thank you all for your support.


Crisis Resolution Document 102 - Mon 01 Jun 1998 14:34 EDT
Slakko (Duncan Richer)
Result: retracted

This sentence and the following three sentences form the complete text of State of Crisis Resolution Document 102, should the game currently be in a State of Crisis.

All instances of the text "by K 2" in the rules are changed to "in the rules".
All instances of the text "in the rules" which currently exist, but did not exist before the 29th of May 1998 are changed to "Spelling Bee".
Rule 999 is repealed.

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