The Nomic Of Many Intricate Creations
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About this game of Nomic

This ia a game of Nomic, run by Nicholas 'Aquarion' Avenell because he wanted something to do. It began on 2003-09-20, and hasn't died yet. It has players, and rules, and stuff.

What is Nomic? You'd be amazed how little the question is asked. Nomic is, basically, a game where defining the rules is part of the game. The Nomic Wiki has an awful lot more information on this than I could possibly ever provide.

This part of the site is run by Aquarion's Nomic Rules Manager, a wonderful bit of software that will be heavily customised as the game progresses, I suspect. The interface for the Nomic mailing list is at, but be warned, subscription isn't open.

The players of this Nomic come from either,, or people who read My Website

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