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305/1: On the Naming of Things

That all *previous* proposed rules be renumbered starting at 301, just as rule 108 says :-)

By ccooke, Proposed: 2003-09-20 03:09, Last Modified: 2003-09-20 03:09 (-1 years, 12 months later)

308/4: Judges 2

That the current judge be posted on the 'About' page (

(Repealed by proposal 341)

By Alexander, Proposed: 2003-09-22 02:09, Last Modified: 2003-10-19 10:10 (3 weeks, 6 days later)

314/2: On Speling

All players are strongly urged to include at least one spelling (or punctuation) mistake in every proposal.

If a proposal does not contain such a mistake, any other player may post a message to the mailing list accusing the proposer of being "A Pedant". The proposer may then reply to the list, pointing out what the mistake in his or her proposal was, or admitting that there was none.

If the proposer does not reply, or admits there was no mistake, then the proposer is from then on A Pedant according to the game's rules. Otherwise the accuser is from then on officially A Pedant according to the game's rules.

Mistakes shall be defined as a deviation from the rules of Standard English, with both correct American and Standard spellings deemed not to be mistakes.

(Repealed by proposal 330)

By Martin, Proposed: 2003-09-28 03:09, Last Modified: 2003-10-22 06:10 (3 weeks, 3 days later)


319/3: Nomadic Nomicals


By Thomas, Proposed: 2003-10-03 01:10, Last Modified: 2003-10-05 01:10 (1 day, 23 hours later)

322/2: Acts of God

Any player who makes ten or more successful proposals is granted the ability to perform an Act of God. Each player may receive no more than one Act of God per game. A player may sell or trade his Act of God for any in-game object, currency, points, privilege, or for any other consideration notwithstanding any other rules governing the means of transfer for these items.

To perform an Act of God the player may make any proposal that is legal under the rules at the time. Proposals made as an Act of God require only one vote other than that of the proposing player to pass.

(Made Obsolete by rule 357)

By Eli, Proposed: 2003-10-03 03:10, Last Modified: 2003-10-26 10:10 (3 weeks, 1 day later)

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